120 countries plus New York while the US remains silent


Why is the US government endangering its citizens and visitors? Coronavirus is out of control, 120 countries require COVID-19 testing before an airline passenger can board a flight to such countries. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo wants to make it 120 counties and the state of New York.

So far, more than 30 countries, including Canada, India, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Poland, have banned or restricted travel from the UK, and de Blasio said it’s time for the US to act.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio expresses support for imposing a travel ban in the wake of a new and apparently more contagious strain of coronavirus in the UK, as New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Virgin, British Airways and Delta Airlines have agreed to test passengers. flying to New York from the UK.

ONE World Tourism Network sspokesman said: Of course, New York can not do it alone. It requires federal leadership in the United States, and we hope for immediate action. It may already be too late. Flights from London with passengers who have not yet been tested arrive at many American gateways every day – it’s scary.

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