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Yes, 2020 was a painful year, but through it all, pop culture had our backs. From TV shows that kept us company to songs that kept us healthy to social media trends that made us laugh and celebs that made us guess, it was the multifaceted world of entertainment that got us to push forward through even the darkest of days. And we know you feel the same way.

Before we kick this year to the curb, E! News would like to hear from you, dear reader. What moments could you not stop occupying this year? The news that lit up even the most monotonous weeks? At the end of December, we invite you to hear your voice by voting on things that matter most. (In a famous country, that is.) Let’s send 2020 out in style – and then never look back.

We have reached the end. For our final installment in our 2020 series in Review, we end things with an overview of all that is music. After all, it’s only fair that we let you weigh in now that we’ve named ours 20 best songs of 2020.

In a world where concerts and nightclubs only existed in our dreams, we all took music a little differently this year. But that does not mean that our favorite artist left us nothing to sing about. And during the last five polls, you get just that. Are you still listening Taylor Swift‘s folklore by repetition, looking for more Easter eggs in her lyrics? Or is The Weekndis criminal Grammys-overlooked After hours more your no-hopper cup of tea?

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