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The sisters from Connecticut are joined by TikTok’s main actresses, Charli, dancer-choreographer, Dixie is a singer. 2011 It has surpassed 100 million since joining TikTok in July. Charli gained a million new followers overnight. By 2020, there will be 47 million.

“I’m getting pretty fast because, like everyone else, ‘Oh, she has a little sister, she has a little sister!'” Dixie Tell The Face January “And I’m legal. Everyone says, ‘Oh, she’ s 18 years old.

Dixie, now 19, starred in Brat TV’s this year Attaway General, Released the song “Be Happy” and she met the TikTok stars and asked her name over and over again. Show YouTube Discussion

Meanwhile, 16-year-old Charli, who danced in the Super Bowl for Sabra Hummus and drank Dunkin ‘soft drink under her name (The Charli: caramel and three cold beers with milk powder); Sometimes she leads a distance learning course to learn how to deal with the devastating effects she encounters online.

“In any case, There will be people who hate you. Because it’s people like them. But he has a lot of people who will help you to help you. I’m very excited to share what will happen soon. Philanthropy; Projects to help organizations: Online pessimism … “

She incorporated her wisdom into her first book, In fact, Charli: This is the Ultimate Guide to Keeping RealReleased in December. She and Dixie hosted a podcast. Just 2 CHIX Podcasts, The face of Hollister’s Jean Lab and collaborated on the makeup line Morphe 2.

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