2020 Special! New records; Very strange. Fulfilled prophecies: Hodler’s Digest; December 20-26


Every Saturday Hodler’s Digest Magazine You will be able to point out all the important news that happened this week. Best (and worst) quotes; Adoption and adoption of rules and regulations; Coins The prophecies and other things are linked in the Cointelegraph for about a week.

Top Stories This Week

Bitcoin has risen all the time as major altcoins have tripled their profits

Undoubtedly, the biggest event of 2020 is the return of Bitcoin $ 24,000 And beyond. Who would have thought that this could happen when BTC came? One Almighty suffered a flash crash Take it up to $ 3,600?

The main reason is that the altcoins shine brightly this year. For one thing, this year, ETH jumped 417 percent at the start of its year – BTC surpassed BTC by a percentage, albeit by some record highs.

Litecoin investors will be able to launch champagne after prices skyrocket in 2020. $ 40: With all the altcoins provided by PayPal’s crypto service, their user base is highly likely to expand further in 2021.

Who can forget DeFi, which was almost non-existent 12 months ago? By 2020, the total value of locks on these protocols will increase by 2,000 percent.

But as I write this’s Hodler’s Digest bulletin, an altcoin is experiencing a dramatic drop in grace. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has filed a lawsuit against Ripple, alleging that the XRP token was unregistered security. After the highest achievement of $ 0.76 Altcoin depreciated in late November and fell on December 23 $ 0.30:

Who did the most in 2020 and the real adoption of crypto and blockchain?

History books will describe 2020 as a rush for cryptocurrencies. Do governments and organizations make the biggest contributions to adoption?

PayPal makes the list naturally. 300 million users buy Bitcoin, Ether, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin; Sales This means you can save and use. The service is available in the US and will launch next year.

Other big moments include the S&P Dow Jones index, which has confirmed that it will show crypto indicators by 2021 – officially bringing digital devices to Wall Street. Most of the top-level tokens will be included in an cryptocurrency advocacy campaign.

India’s Supreme Court has enthusiastically lifted its bailout when it excitedly lifted a ban on the Reserve Bank of India, which bans financial institutions working with crypto companies.

COVID-19 also has an impact on cryptocurrency acceptance, forcing us to transfer millions of digital payments. As Ben Franklin once said: “Opportunity comes from suffering. ”

Recanted in public! A beacon talking about crypto in 2020

Public figures rarely take turns making public comments. But this year, Bitcoin’s brilliant performance has prompted many to reconsider their position on cryptocurrencies.

In 2018, economist Nouriel Roubini described crypto as the “mother of all scams.” But in November 2020, it admitted that Bitcoin was qualified.

In 2017, Jim Cramer realized his mistakes when he asserted that Bitcoin would not replace gold. For the upper part Crazy money At the time, he assured his audience that the crypto army was about to fade. Run fast for three years. He really likes it more. Many thanks to BTC for its rarity.

PayPal’s entry into the business, and PayPal CEO Dan Schulman deserves to be honored. In 2018, he said that due to the instability of crypto, it should not be a real currency acceptable to retailers. How did the situation change? In a matter of months, digital goods will be accepted by millions of merchants.

In 2020, crypto was pursued five times

Industry Group Every deposit and conclave has its own share of weirdos – cryptocurrency and blockchain are no exception.

John McAfee has announced that he will run as a “crypto candidate” in the US presidential election. He dropped the towel in May and was elected vice president of the Liberal Party. This was not good

Bitmain suffered a severe power struggle that undermined the company’s fundamentals and its co-founders were fired. Thousands of mines are missing in Mongolia

In July, Twitter reported that Elon Musk, Kanye West; Pages of celebrities, including Joe Biden and Warren Buffett. Their personal information was used for Bitcoin giveaway scams and cost tens of thousands of dollars. Sent to fraudulent addresses.

Things got worse when Tron’s Justin Sun offered $ 1 million The company was able to identify those responsible, but the company failed to deliver on its commitments.

All of this happened before John McAfee’s even reached $ 1 billion by the end of 2020, before she even discussed her own commitment to eating her organs. I’m sorry John, that pricing is minimal.

Are you giving crypto gifts to your loved ones this holiday season? Teach them first

This year, cryptocurrency has never reached the public consciousness with its breakthrough in BTC’s record-breaking media. As a result, it’s no surprise that some crypto owners are planning to give away digital gadgets as gifts for this festive season.

The idea of ​​giving a cryptocurrency as a gift to friends and family may be interesting, but there are some things to consider before sending it to your loved ones – especially newcomers.

It is important that those who are tempted to follow this idea educate their recipients on how to store their crypto. Some of the easiest ways for gift crypto include gift cards and ATM vouchers, so you do not have to make difficult exchanges for newcomers.

Bill Zay, chief marketing officer of BitPay, told Cointelegraph that 2021 could be the beginning of a “great gift” for crypto events.

Winner and loser

At the end of the week, Bitcoin $ 25,880, E $ 644 In XRP $ .30: Total market cap $ 703.139.317.461:

Of the top 100 cryptocurrencies, the top three altcoin profits per week are THETA, ZIL and SNX. The top three altcoin losers of the week are XRP, OCEAN and RSR.

Be sure to read more about crypto prices Cointelegraph Market Analysis:

Annual Forecast

Top crypto adoption predictions emerging in 2020

Here at Hodler’s Digest I predicted you the most prominent price in the industry. But like a broken watch twice a day, There are times when speculation falls on money.

Mike Novogratz has threatened to hang up his paddy if he fails to raise $ 20,000 by 2020. But now that this important milestone is over, he now has the right to sigh in relief.

In early 2013, Bill Gates warned that money can be “quite awkward.” COVID-19 proves timely the rapid transition to a cashless society in the world.

It should also be remembered that the Winklevoss twins have been playing music since 2016 when the Financial Times reported that Bitcoin was better than gold. BTC, which is fast approaching 2020, could eliminate market share from gold at up to $ 500,000 per dollar.

FUD of the week

Notorious crypto figures arrested in 2020

Unfortunately 2020 could not exactly erase the reputation of crypto as a honeycomb for criminals – from January to October, according to some estimates, piracy, $ 1.8 billion:

There are also high-ranking officials involved in legal matters. BitMEX founder Arthur Hayes has gone missing after a criminal case filed by the US Department of Justice.

Meanwhile, John McCaffy was arrested in Barcelona on charges of tax evasion levied by the US government. He is worth millions of dollars. He has also been charged with fraudulently defying alleged crypto schemes. If convicted, he faces up to 30 years in prison.

In China, a staggering 109 people were arrested in connection with the PlusToken Ponzi scheme. Eventually, 27 were accused of focusing on the program, and the remaining 82 had only minor roles within the organization. In December, 13 conspirators with Chen Bo were sentenced to two to 11 years in prison.

Got your tongue stuck? Bitcoin critics wither in 2020

Compared to other bull run years such as 2017, 2020 has seen much less crypto criticism – with a number of Bitcoin naysayers emerging to soften their stance towards digital ownership.

Warren Buffett; Celebrities like Bill Gates and Donald Trump have been silent about Bitcoin and crypto this year. Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman, who predicted Bitcoin’s “total collapse” in 2018, avoids commenting as well.

According to the main Bitcoin-based website 99bitcoins, 2020 will be the lowest “Bitcoin” mortality rate since 2013.

Only seven incidents of “Bitcoin death” have been reported in the 99bitcoins media in 2011, compared to 1919 and 43 in 1989 and 43.

FOMO Bitcoin? Tesla and these stocks shattered BTC’s profits in 2020

Bitcoin stimulates investors with ever-increasing growth and year-on-year returns 200% – But he still has a beating stock.

On December 22, Peloton Interactive generates annual profits 384% Lockdowns forced us to train at home rather than at a gym.

Surprisingly, Moderna has also skyrocketed due to its involvement in the development of the coronavirus vaccine. 619%:

When the blockade was introduced, the contract became a household name, with the expansion of its stock. 495% year to date.

Who can forget Tesla? Who stubbornly pushed the bubble and became a member of the S&P 500? Compared to the 850% year-on-year increase from TSLA this year, BTC’s profits are lower.

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