2020 taught me how to shape this news


My best friend recently sent me a letter about her husband. I copied the message anxiously – as soon as I found out he signed the COVID contract he requested the mandatory daily update I requested.

He was lonely at home and his condition worsened. He may be over 30 years old and considered low risk, but he has the ability to identify the virus and its vulnerability, and turn it into a weak force when you least expect it. Lungs Muscle Spirit.

If she can deliver the message, she will be able to do so by 2020.

Thankfully, after a few days, his temperature finally dropped. He survived after being locked up in a cellar for several days. Faced with the loneliness of the disease. He was not comfortable with his wife or his daughters playing in the morning. At the very least, he was so weak that he could not even eat or talk to them.

Not everyone endured that level of poverty, but for some it was even worse. If there is a tie that binds us all, it needs to face the reality of loneliness. Living together is one of the many contradictions of 2020.

As the Coronavirus outbreak escalates, our teams are working overdrive to report real-time improvements while living on their own. We were full of doubts before we were satisfied with the indefinite — unlimited — limit for everyone to work from home remotely. Exploring new environmental aspects of COVID; At the morning editorial meeting, we prepared our news program; Amid the growing complaints of the press, I am different between the transition to Qatar and the transition.

The truth is, we were able to acquire the journalism skills we wanted. But like everyone else, we could not change the fact that we did not have an idea of ​​what was really going on.

So we did our best to present a rare story Live updates For days on end. We have doubled our responsibility to carry reliable information to an audience. It was too early to decide to stop publishing photos of masked wearers because they did not want the public to think they were working. As soon as the World Health Organization and the wider scientific community withdrew their cover allegations, we immediately changed that.

In The Big Sick, a heartwarming comedy about the story, the protagonist turns to his girlfriend and says, “I think these doctors know what they are doing!

“No,” she replied. They flutter their wings like everyone else.

We were also winging to some extent. Our audience is with us on every street. Our comprehensive coverage of the March outbreak is one of the most human trafficking days in our history. Al Jazeera’s previous coverage of the 2011 Arab Spring surpassed previous records. We US election Last month, they came close to second in coverage. Our success while spreading the word in a remote newsroom around the world is a testament to the perseverance and dedication of our journalists.

I too am a believer in the power of shared struggle, albeit differently. We were with our readers in ways we had never been before. Easy access through the loss of freedom to prevent unnatural barriers that limit social interaction between very complex social creatures; : One day while driving, one day the car stopped and the four-year-old said, “Mommy! “Do not allow coronavirus to enter.”

We have lost loved ones, and our historic highs and lows have been devastated by millions of people around the world. Journalists are reminded of the atrocities that have passed through our needles. We combine the events of the day together. Indeed, this aspect of our work often leads to frightening jokes among colleagues: “What is going on in the newsroom? Stay at the newsroom. “We have to laugh to cry.

But one of the things we are proud of in Al Jazeera is the news, such as the easy-to-fill and replaceable news that comes in the morning. Government Dead bodies are re-edited without effort. We try to keep it on the best days Human story From the front of our report.

We, like the world, raise the voices of the forgetful Cleaning workers COVID-19 or Cameroonian girls fear for their lives – threaten their lives Beating the chest; According to cultural traditions, Black people U.S. police kill not only statistics but also chronic diseases Hot last days A Ghanaian maid in Lebanon. Her name is Faustina Tay. She was a 23-year-old girl.

In the worst of times, we try to offer a different perspective. If only we were lucky. Depending on who you are, your worldview may be a little confusing.

But to be honest, in 2020 we tested our responsibilities to a limited extent. Being a fair source of information; The lines between the exclusion from our stories and the live experiences of voices raised through our reporting are blurred.

We too are an invisible force that can dominate the world, infect governments, and affect our way of life. On the other side of the window, mothers and fathers confuse the rush and restless curiosity between zoom meetings and assignments with their children for the first time teaching homework.

Throughout the year, we have become acquainted with the unexpected effects of the global economy. We are facing budget cuts that hurt our resources and our staff. Most of us are separated from sick family members. They can not get on the plane when they want to.

I’m getting frustrated from the staff and getting the phone calls I need to get everything right. Sometimes we cry. Sometimes It’s a piece Mental health comes from real sources.

Some are 2021; January 1 Due to the deceptive power of the ability to eliminate the effects of 2020; The world is confusing because of the wisdom we have acquired, not because of the inevitability of unforeseen calamities.

Thank you to all who have come to us to understand the progress and problems of 2020, even if we are not sure of ourselves. You have joined us and breathed in our content like never before, and we will continue to strive to balance the demands of the World News program with the needs of our readers.

What we have learned is that sometimes our work is simple. Let the audience know what they want to hear.

But more importantly, we learned that we should not always be left behind to cover the human story as a reporter. More often than not, the best approach is to shape our journalism from the standpoint of the human race.

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