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Sharon Tate’s legacy has long been tied to the gruesome tragedy that was her death. It is now more than 50 years since the shocking Manson Cult killings and her passing. Here we remember the actress and the life she lives in photos.

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Born a beauty queen

Sharon Tate was born in Dallas, Texas in 1943. Just six months old, the future star was named Miss Tiny Tot.

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Untouched childhood

Born into a military family, Tate spent most of his childhood moving from town to town. “We always traveled, often into another country, and that makes it hard to keep friends,” said Tate’s sister Debra Tate. New York Times.

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Introduction to film

While in high school in the late 1950s, Tate’s family was stationed in Italy, where she began working as a film extra and fell in love with acting.

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Works as a model

After Tate’s family returned to the United States, she found work as a model in the 1960s while pursuing her acting career.

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A move to Hollywood

Tate eventually moved to Hollywood to pursue acting. In 1962, she took her big break and signed a seven-year contract with director Martin Ransohoff at Filmways Inc.

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Upcoming actress

Tate began auditioning for roles on various TV shows. Here she poses (far right) with the early cast of Petticoat Junction in 1963. Tate auditioned for the role of Billie Jo, but was not hired.

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Sitcom success

In the mid-sixties, the actor was successful on television and booked guest seats on sitcoms like Mr. Oath -oneand a recurring role on Beverly Hillbillies.

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Rising star

After her successful run on television, director Martin Ransohoff felt she was ready to film.

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A rocky relationship

During this time, Tate and the French actor, Philippe Forquet, became engaged in 1963. However, the two had a tumultuous relationship and broke off their engagement the following year.

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Go back to TV

On the verge of a flourishing film career, Tate returned to television for a guest appearance on the hit program, Male from UNCLE starring David McCallum. in 1965.

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A great break

Tate landed his first film, The devil’s eye, in 1965. She starred alongside child star Suky Appleby and David Niven.

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A disturbed romance

Tate began dating celebrity hairdresser Jay Sebring in 1964. The two had a solid relationship but decided to separate in 1965 and remained good friends. (Jay Sebrig was among one of the Manson Cult murder victims.)

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“It” girls

During the 1960s, Tate became one of Hollywood’s brightest star stars, appearing in fashion shoots and on magazine covers as a famous “it” girl.

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The post-production of The eye of evil took a long time. Although the footage was packed in 1966, the film did not premiere until 1967, delaying Tate’s rise to stardom.

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A missed opportunity

In his early film career, Tate auditioned for Liesl in That Sound of Music in 1965but Charmian Carr was thrown instead.

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An iconic look

The actor was also known for his distinctive look with bold false eyelashes and blonde bangs – a look that soon became the aesthetic of the era.

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Beautiful, inside and out

Tate was loved by many for his friendly nature. “She was so sweet and so kind, intelligent and lighter than the air in every way,” said Tate’s sister, Debra Tate Vanity Fair.

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Another movie

After wrapping The devil’s eye, Tate signed to play the inn’s guardian daughter in the 1966 film That Fearless vampire killers on one condition: she could wear a red wig.

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Fall in love

The young actress and upcoming director, Roman Polanski, began dancing in 1966 after meeting on set of The fearless vampire killers. Here, Tate Polanski accompanies the premiere of his 1966 film Blind road.

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The year of Sharon Tate

Playboy the magazine proclaimed that 1967 was the year of Sharon Tate when the much-anticipated movie star’s fame exploded.

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A film debut

Although the film from 1967 Do not make waves was technically Tate’s third major film shoot, it was the first of her projects to appear in theaters.

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Working with A-Listers

The budding star starred alongside Tony Curtis, who played Carlo Cofield, in Do not make waves.

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Malibu Barbie

Tates character i Do not make waves, Malibu was intended to take advantage of the beach culture of the 1960s and served as inspiration for the Malibu Barbie Doll.

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Posing for ‘Esquire’

While living in New York City with Polanski in 1967, Tate posed for Esquire on photos that would be heavily published and considered in pop culture.

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The biggest role yet

Tate starred alongside Barbara Parkins and Patty Duke in the 1967 film adaptation of Doll of the Dolls.

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A tragic character

IN Doll of the Dolls, Portrayed Tate Jennifer North, a beautiful Hollywood actress who ends up committing suicide.

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Tate on Set

Tate is seen discussing a scene with director Mark Robson as she films her biggest – and by far most controversial – role as Jennifer North in Doll of the Dolls.

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Lots of premieres

After long post-productions both Fearless vampire killers and The devil’s eye was released in 1967, making Tate the star of four major films in one year.

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A nomination

Tate’s role as Jennifer North in Doll of the Dolls, is easily her most notable and earned her a Golden Globe nomination in 1967.

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Get married

Polanski and Tate became engaged in 1967. Tate’s sister, Debbie Tate, said the actor was “in love with Polanski” in an interview with New York Times in 2018.

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