A bomb blast has killed at least two Afghan police officers


In recent months, Afghanistan has seen a spate of bombings and shootings.

Two Afghan policemen have been killed in a separate “sticker bomb” bombing in Kabul.

A police spokesman was killed in a bomb blast in Kabul province on Saturday, police spokesman Fada Farramas told reporters.

He said a civilian was also injured.

Two security personnel were injured in a similar bomb attack on a second police station in western Kabul

A third bomb exploded in the capital, but no one was injured, he said.

In recent months, Kabul and other Afghan provinces have been hit by bombings and shootings. It was rocked by deadly violence, including rocket attacks and targeted killings.

ISIL (ISIS) has claimed responsibility for many of the attacks, particularly in Kabul.

As violence escalates in the country, journalists, Politicians and human rights activists are increasingly being targeted.

In recent months, Kabul and other Afghan provinces have been rocked by deadly violence. [ File: Wakil Kohsar/AFP]

Peace talks

The country’s brutal conflict continues as the Afghan government and the Taliban hold peace talks aimed at ending more than two months of war.

According to a prominent US-Taliban agreement in February, talks in Qatar have been suspended since September and will resume on January 5.

All Afghan troops in Afghanistan have agreed to exchange security guarantees and hold talks with the Kabul government in Afghanistan.

Despite the talks, the Afghan capital has plunged into a deadly wave of violence.

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