A Fresh Wind brings Excitement to the African Tourism Board


That African Tourism Board is ready to welcome the new year with a fresh approach, new ideas and new partnerships.

ATB is ready to enter the third phase of this two-year organization and maintain its leadership on the African continent and beyond.

Project hope is an important discussion that brings together the Ministers of Tourism and the leaders of African Tourist Boards. The goal is to share ideas and resources as you maneuver through the COVID-19 storm.

A series of ministerial meetings chaired by former UNWTO Secretary-General Dr. Taleb Rifai resulted in significant cooperation between African tourism authorities.

The international security and safety expert Dr. Peter Tarlow, together with the former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Tourism of Zimbabwe, Dr. Walter Mzembi chaired the organization’s safety and security committee.

Communications Manager Zine Nkukwana and ATB Ambassador to Nigeria Abigel in collaboration with US-based eTurboNews publisher Juergen Steinmetz had been involved in a wide range of prominent global events, including Africa Day and World Tourism Day.

African Tourism Board is a key partner with World Tourism Network to have members in 214 countries. This secures Africa’s place on a prominent global platform

The African Tourism Board has not been immune to intrigue. As a result, two former executive members and another member based in Germany were removed from the African Tourism Committee per. Today.

1) Doris Woerfel, former CEO, South Africa
2) Simba Mandinyenya, former COO, UK
3) Frank Tetzel, Committee Member, Germany

The African Tourism Board wants members to know these three people are no longer authorized to represent ATB or approach ATB members.

African Tourism Council Chairman Cuthbert Ncube addressed members today, saying:

Dear African Tourist Board Members:

As we progress toward 2021, Africa has become its own enemy by letting elements that are hell distract progress every time progress progresses, elements will always cause disorder and strife, a strategy that has been used by the oppressor .

It takes our dedication to protect in order to unite and protect ourselves from this form of oppression.

2021 should herald a new mindset for all progressive masters whose sole goal is to see an economically liberated continent that our society deserves better than the crumbs that fall from the master’s table.

With all that Africa has to offer the vast landscape that can produce so much for every single citizen, we are still plunging into poverty.

The precious metals still embedded in our Mother Africa’s womb, yet we are the world’s poorest continent.

The sights of the jungle that house the most sought after species, while our society never benefits from these unique gifts from the creator due to too high prices.

Harvesting sunlight that could provide energy to the entire continent without reliance on conglomerates to supply energy to our society, yet this fundamental right is such a long dream for so many.

The great Nile River, which finds its way from Egypt and runs through 10 African countries, is the longest in Africa. The great Zambezi River is the fifth longest river in Africa. The great Congo River, the Niger River, the White Nile River, the Orange River, the Kasai River, the Kwango River – yet many of our communities are still sinking in unclean untreated waters).

Africa provides as much visionary leadership as the African Tourism Board asks for objective men and women who will refuse to be bought for cheap ideologies and cheap politics and bureaucratic infusions.

My prayer today dear friends: Let us join hands as we turn the 2020 page, the mistakes we have made can never be erased, but can be rewritten on the same page. The highlights of 2020 can only serve as inspiration.

Let’s open a new page in 2021, where we will write our narrative and goals of success, as dr. Martin Luther lamented “I have been to the top of the mountain, I have seen the promised land”. Let us all stand on the summit of 2020 and see the promised land, but this time we will reach it.

2021 will be a good year for all of us. Let’s make Africa good through tourism.

Do you want to get involved? Join our group of leaders, apply for the CEO position, represent your region as an ambassador, become active in Project Hope. This organization is for all of us.
Contact me on [email protected]

Happy Holidays to you and your family and a Happy New Year!

In response to COVID-19, the African Tourism Board is offering a free 6 month membership. Go to www.africantourismboard.com/join and enter the word “COVID” in the discount field.

For more information on the African Tourism Board, go to www.africantourismboard.com

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