Aberdeen 2-1 St Johnston: The return sent Dons third


Aberdeen, who came from behind in the 2-1 win over St Johnston, finished third in the Scottish Premier League.

The Cosmen took the lead through Liam Gordon, but Sam Cosgrove’s penalty and a second-half tie from Ashley Taylor turned the game over for Dons, who replaced the Saints with Callum Hendry in the 90th minute.

About five minutes after the plane struck Pittodrie, Scott Tanser, who was able to pull back due to injury, was a long way from adapting to the situation.

Callum Davidson is more likely to score. They limit the amount of speculation that comes out of the box, but it does. David Wotherspoon’s goal in the 14th minute was a worry for Joe Lewis, but it ended.

Lee McCann followed a right-wing effort on the left, following the corner of the Liam Cricket, and the Callum Booth sent a similar distance.

When the goal finally came, it was a set-piece that led it. Craig kicked the ball from the left back and faced challenges without the Gordon keeper. His head fell to the ground and passed Lewis.

Aberdeen time rose just before Sam Cosgrove’s penalty tackle

Aberdeen offered a small third-place finish, and 45 minutes later Cosgrove forced his way to the left to rescue Zander Clark from the left, trying to strike the post like the last 20 yards.

As a result, Dons dismissed the Andrew Considine shot from the Booth while the Booth handled it. :

Cosgrove spoke to the ball from regular penalty taker Lewis Ferguson and calmly moved to the bottom left corner to score.

He acted as an arm at home. After 55 minutes of rest, he improved.

Matty Kennedy on the right touches St. Johnstone’s body. It fell at the feet of Taylor, who ran home from 10 yards.

Since then, it has been a war of will, but Aberdeen, holding on to narrow leadership, was later expelled for two of Hendry’s books, and they were enough to gain points.

What is the next one?

Aberdeen travels to Livingston on Wednesday. Kick-off at 4pm. It was early that day to St. Johnston host Hamilton. ၊ Kick-off at 3pm.

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