Alex DiCine: Kilmarnock manager insists backing board after defeat to Livingston


Kilmarnock coach Alex Diarra believes he retains the board’s support after the fifth defeat. But if the club decides he is full time, there is no problem.

Killie lost for the eighth time in nine Scottish Premier League games after volleyball stole a 2-1 victory for Livingston under Danny Rogers and Bar under a barrage of hurricane-force volleyball.

Cricket took the lead 48 minutes after Nicky Devlin was penalized for handling the home side.

But three minutes later, Jay-Emmanuel Thomas went wide of the post to replace Robinson Clever.

“It’s difficult for United. We are in this game and we can accelerate the game.

United won the Champions League last season, winning 4-0.

When asked if he was asking himself, Dia said, “I am a simple person. I know what I know. I’m not in trouble because I’m around the block.

“The boys are angry. Guys want to change everything, but they need a little luck. But we need to stay together.

This year, the club is in its fifth year and in third place for two years. We need to regroup. You need to get together and go home until someone tells you to.

When asked if he thought he had the support of the board, Dia said, “Yes. I have I have no pain.

“The board is good. If they come back tomorrow and say it’s time, I will shake their hand. It doesn’t hurt to show move. There is no animosity. No more hatred. They have come to me from here.


Kilmarnock manager Alex Diarra says he understands how much everyone in Scotland has helped to get on their knees.

“So it’s not a problem. I know where it comes from and I know everything I get and enough to play for a good football team with good people. So it’s not a problem.”

Dyer, who faced Motherwell at Fir Park on Wednesday, said: “These players are working hard. They are doing their best. Today we have a sinking blow. This is life.

We’ll dig and stay together until someone tells you you can no longer work.

With six wins in six months since David Martin Day took over, Leicester are at the opposite end of the spectrum.

“Today is the first time I’m left behind since I took over. It is interesting to see how the boys reacted,” said Martindale.

“But in these horrible situations, we were able to immediately jump back in and summarize everything about Livingston.”

It was a character test to chase goals. Nikki said he was able to hold his elbow, but the ball hit him, but it was not easy to be a long-distance handball player.

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