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Whether you are discouraged from ordering your secret Santa gifts until last minute (it’s been a year, do not kick yourself), or you did not get the leisure gifts you sent tips, I have good news. Alo Yoga, the active clothing line apparently owned by every actor and hot fitness instructor, just launched a surprise Sales at the end of the year.

Sales are not covered by the entire site, but discounts of up to 70 percent off cover some of the brand’s most popular styles. And proof that good things come to those who wait (sometimes), a bunch of these discounts are the steepest that the brand has taken all year. Think: prices cut down on moto leggings owned by Katie Holmes, the sisters Hadid, Taylor Swift, Hailey Bieber and more plus a fresh crop of sherpa jackets and comfortable styles suitable for working from home, exercising and relaxing.

If you have never tried Alo Yoga before, the LA-based brand is loved for making clothes that look great and feel sublime. (Editor’s note: Having forked funds for too many subpar leggings over the years, I can personally testify to the difference in quality after spreading on a few Alo Yoga pieces earlier in the year.) Within, prefers to shop now from the sale before everything is sold out.

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High waist Moto Legging in glossy black

Alo Yoga

$ 114 $ 80 (30% off)

See, moto-leggings for many celebrities to count have been seen over the years. Aesthetic appeal aside, we love these for being designed to flatter any shape and wearing all day. PS: With the exception of Cyber ​​Week deals, $ 80 is the lowest price they have been offered all year.


High waist Moto Legging in Olive Branch

Alo Yoga

$ 114 $ 68 (40% off)

Moto leggings come in a handful of other colors. Even better, most are included in the sale.


Duality reversible Sherpa jacket

Alo Yoga

$ 248 $ 149 (40% off)

Alo Yoga’s sherpa jackets have their own cult feel. The brand’s Duality jacket is practical and cozy in even sizes.


Urban Moto Sweatpant and anthracite

Alo Yoga

$ 98 $ 49 (50% off)

If you did not upgrade your jogging pants situation in 2020, here is your chance to start the new year with a smart replacement for the joggers you have had since college. These also come in black.


Pulse short sleeve in neonchock yellow

Alo Yoga

$ 58 $ 41 (29% off)

A color palette feels right and necessary after this long, long year. This T-shirt paired with something gray also keeps you ahead of the Pantone 2021 color palette-inspired trends.


Gym Sweat Short

Alo Yoga

$ 48 $ 34 (30% off)

Calling all warm-blooded sun loungers. Come spring, these shorts will be great.


High-Waist Airlift Laying in anthracite

Alo Yoga

$ 118 $ 45 (62% off)

Alo Yoga’s sculptural Airlift fabric is light and feels like a different skin. (Editor’s note: I have not tested this style before, but for $ 45 I would treat myself to a pair.) As one reviewer put it, “They hug you in the right places while being light and soft.”


Laying with a high waist

Alo Yoga

$ 118 $ 83 (30% off)

Made with Alo Yoga’s Airbrush fabric (this has a slightly more compressive feel than Airlifts), these performance leggings will keep everything in place during high-sweat HIIT workouts. They are moisture-transporting and odorless.


Blackcomb Pullover

Alo Yoga

$ 139 $ 97 (30% off)

Fleece jackets and sweaters with half zipper have both had long delayed renovations too late.


Sunny Strappy Bra in Hunter Glossy

Alo Yoga

$ 54 $ 43 (20% off)

This medium-sized sports bra is cut in a way that you can get rid of wearing it under sweaters and oversized knits.


Duality reversible Sherpa jacket

Alo Yoga

$ 248 $ 149 (40% off)

Yes, this is the Duality jacket again, but this color combination is too nice not to include.


High waist Alosoft Revel Legging

Alo Yoga

$ 98 $ 69 (30% off)

If you are looking for a pair of comfort-first leggings, this style is for you. Reviewers love these for yoga and barre.


Freestyle sweatshirt

Alo Yoga

$ 108 $ 65 (40% off)

A comfortable sweatshirt is always a good idea, especially now that we are in high season for thermostat drama.


Slim jacket

Alo Yoga

$ 220 $ 110 (50% off)

Quickly named, this jacket can do it all: Zoom in with your boss, cardio sessions for warming up, and errands in your ex’s neighborhood when you feel like yourself.


High waist Camo Vapor Legging

Alo Yoga

$ 128 $ 77 (40% off)

Alo Yoga is made of an ultra-elastic performance fabric and describes these leggings as comfortable while lifting in the right places. Critics overwhelmingly agree as these average five stars with comfort and a flattering fit are consistently mentioned.


Interval hoodie in Blue Moon

Alo Yoga

$ 98 $ 78 (20% off)

Coziness aside, this hoodie lavender color is missing in your leisure rotation.


Reversible legion jacket

Alo Yoga

218 $ $ 174 (20% off)

Another cozy-chic reversible jacket to covet. Note the ample storage space and an unexpected arm pocket.

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