Aquarius Weekly Horoscope


WEEK 21st – 2nd December 2020

Monday, December 21st is winter solstice and you are more ready than anyone to settle down for the long winter nap. While full sleep is not possible, you can lower things significantly when the sun is in Capricorn and your relaxing twelfth house. The run-up to the Aquarius season – which begins on January 19 – may be the quietest time of your year. But there is plenty of fun to be had at Chez Aquarius! If you are affiliated, this is the perfect time to prove the axiom “less is more.” Think: lazy evenings in front of the fire, preparing healthy soups and stews and maybe even experimenting with becoming a home brewer. Whatever you come up with, do not ignore your inner life. This kingdom rules the unconscious mind and yours will be on fire. Your dreams could be full of insight; your imagination will be in top shape. Spend time for the next four weeks tuning in to your muse and capturing these divine downloads. If you are thinking of starting or expanding a meditation practice, this is a perfect moment. Strong emotions can come up and possibly send you to a healer or therapist to work them through. Get the support you need because suffering is optional.

But that’s actually not the big news for Monday – not far off! Later that day, the abundant Jupiter and stabilize Saturn will create an accurate connection in the sky. This association, which astrologers call “The Great Conjunction,” is super-rare; in fact, it only happens once every twenty years. But it’s getting better. For the first time since the 1400s (!) The potent planetary mating takes place in your sign. Whoa! The power mating of great thinking Jupiter and the stabilization of Saturn gives you both the courage and the credibility you need to blast forward on your most important dreams. What expansions have you considered in the last 1-3 years? From applying to elementary school to starting an intentional society, no vision should be left unexplored. With the pragmatic Saturn in the picture, think “scalability.” Your vision can be more than a Jupiter-driven gamble. It could become a legitimate legacy. Need to raise capital? Saturn can help you attract investors to your big idea, perhaps through an Aquarius-style crowdfunding campaign. Or maybe you just create such a profitable revenue model that your idea self-finances. Bottom line: If you can dream about it, you can make money from it from December 21st!

Loose lips can swallow an armada on Wednesday, so (try to) think before you blurt! But it can be difficult with an anxiety-producing square between shady Pluto in your underground twelfth house squaring unrestrained Mars. Amorphous emotions can swirl around inside your psyche, but it is difficult for you to separate the strings. Are you: angry, jealous, feeling put on – or left out? And who is this aimed at? If all this could just stay in your head, it might be okay. The problem is that foaming Pluto forms an exactly tense angle to the impulsive Mars in your communication center and lays an unfiltered pipeline from your brain to your mouth. This can make you come across as aggressive, angry, sarcastic, passive-aggressive – or any combination thereof. Your cosmic mandate for the week? Get in touch with the emotions you have suppressed before they erupt and shoot melted lava at the wrong people. Remember the cosmic rule: What you focus on expands. As soon as you find yourself in being obsessed or negative, stop and redirect before it gets out of control.

Going home for the holidays can mean all sorts of things THIS Christmas Eve and day, but no matter where you are, do whatever it takes to keep the festivities cozy and sweet. When the Taurus Moon loves to blow up your domestic zone both days, you will feel a renewed appreciation for both distant family members and the pandemic bag that has been close all year. Your ruler, the spontaneous Uranus, will be in close contact with la lune, so take your adventurous to the celebration. You may be starting a wildly entertaining new tradition – that’s all but traditional!

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