Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta says Chelsea are the strongest team in the Premier League


Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta says Boxing Day rivals Chelsea are proud to be the club’s best player in the Premier League.

Arsenal, who beat Manchester United 1-0 on November 1, have enjoyed a win outside the Europa League, scoring just two points in their last seven League Cups.

Such a poor form led to Arteta’s side heading to the final in 15 games.

Arsene Wenger has been linked with a move away from the Gunners this summer, with the Gunners reportedly keen to bring him back to the club.

Timo Werner and Ben Chilwell are one of the most famous players at Chelsea this summer

The Spanish side have denied the two sides’ ability to spend before meeting with the Emirates, but Chelsea have made a number of additions to their squad since the Wembley final.

Chelsea will face Hakim Ziyech at ပေါင် 220m. Timo Werner; Ben Chilwell; Kai Havertz and Edouard Mendy.

Saturday 26th

5:30 p.m.

In contrast, Arsenal’s financial weakness led them to double their summer spending during the ၄၅ 45million summer transfer window for Thomas Partey.

Chelsea are currently fifth in the Premier League, 11 points behind Arsenal. They progressed unbeaten through one of their Champions League groups.

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Free to watch – Highlights from West Ham and Chelsea wins in the Premier League

Chelsea obviously have a lot of good players.

“The team we faced a few months ago is a top team. At the moment you are probably talking about the toughest player in the Premier League.

“They are doing a really good job. Lampard is doing a really good job.

He owns a team that is full of confidence and trust. They won, but the team is definitely fighting for the top spot.

“Liverpool have rejected the advice of Liverpool manager Jujin Klopp this season and Chelsea are the club’s strongest player.

Michael Arteta


Frank Lampard has defended Mikel Arteta and insists Arsenal are “weak” despite their weakness.

Chelsea have denied that their Champions League qualification this season is “ridiculous” compared to their young newcomers and the Premier League and Champions League trophies.

Arteta went on to answer questions about his future, saying he would bring in all the players for Arsenal’s current problems in order to protect them.

When asked if he would take responsibility for protecting his players, he said: “I do.

“When I see that they are really trying and I see that they are trying to do their best, I will continue to do so. I will support them until the last day, no matter what.


Sky Sports’ Alan Smith believes inexperience and a boardroom position could be a stumbling block for Arsenal, but Mikel Arteta deserves time to look at the club’s fortunes.

“I believe I have to do this. They have to play on the pitch.

“We are here to help them as much as we can. It is not very close now.

“The best treatment in this situation is to win a football game. Every defeat is a tragedy, a disappointment, and we have to do it at a time when you need to improve yourself.

“I think for all of us this drug will come and hit Chelsea and then move on. That’s exactly what we want.”

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