At least 40 loggers in northeastern Nigeria fear abduction


Three bodies were found after hostages were taken hostage in the Wulgo forest on Thursday, locals and sources said.

Boko Haram militants in northeastern Nigeria kill three loggers, arrest at least 40

Sources and locals told AFP on Saturday that loggers were planning to cut firewood in the Wolgo forest near Gamboru on Saturday.

“More than 40 loggers left Shiguri on the outskirts of Gamboru on Thursday and did not return as usual in the evening,” said Umar Kachalla, the leader of the search team.

“On Friday, people were gathered and went deep into the forest, and three bodies were found among the loggers as there were no traces of their colleagues,” he said. ”

Other locals widely view the missing loggers as being held in camps in the forest by a well-known group.

More and more people are accused of sending information to loggers and farmers in the northeast to the military and local armed groups.

‘Shot from behind’

“We believe the men were taken away from Boko Haram, which is fighting loggers in the forest,” said another militant group leader, Shumada.

“According to hints, three loggers were shot dead while trying to escape from behind them. ”

Due to its reliance on Cameroon’s mobile phone network, the area was devastated by Boko Haram attacks, which cut off telephone lines.

Gamboru loggers have been the target of several Boko Haram attacks and kidnappings, especially near the Wulgo Forest.

In November 2018, Boko Haram seized about 50 loggers to collect firewood in the forest after the previous two attacks killed 49 loggers.

Babandi Abdullahi, a local resident, warned loggers not to enter the forest to avoid attacks.

Abdullah said people were being forced to take the risk because nearby trees were being depleted due to permanent logging.

According to the United Nations, the separatist group Boko Haram, also known as ISWAP, has killed 36,000 people in the northeast and displaced an estimated two million since 2009.

Earlier this month, Boko Haram was responsible for the abduction of more than 300 students abducted after the attack on their school in the northwestern Nigerian village of Katsina’s Kankara. All the boys were saved.

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