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“He’s actually one of the first people I looked at when I moved to the United States,” Ayesha told E! News’ Jason Kennedy in October 2017. “Did not say two words to him.” She told her sisters she had seen a cute guy, “and then they made fun of me because they said he looked like a relative.” She shaked her head. “Which one I can not see it, but everyone else seems to believe it! Maybe it’s because we have the same wavelength, I do not know. “

Steph, a son of the former NBA player Dell Curry and older brother to Philadelphia 76ers’ Seth Currycontinued to play basketball for Davidson College, where he was twice Southern Conference Men’s Player of the Year in 2007-’08 and 2008-’09, appearing in three straight NCAA tournaments. On a trip to Los Angeles to attend the ESPYs in 2008, he and Ayesha – who had moved west to pursue acting – reunited.

“It was just a fate right there, two children from Charlotte who met again in LA on a whim,” Steph said in 2016 it In depth with Graham Bensinger.

Ayesha remembered their re-meet-cute slightly different …

“We were friends until I was 19 and I thought we were just friends,” Ayesha E! And admitted that she avoided Steph’s first attempt at a kiss. “I did not know we had these feelings – I was flattered when I first realized halfway through the dive that he had other feelings … Oh, he came all the way in and I went like” – she went back. “It was in the middle of the conversation, it was very …” she shook her head. But “we had a transition!”

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