Biden warned that she could not change all of Trump’s immigration policies overnight


The White House on Tuesday warned that the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden’s transition to immigration will not happen overnight and that the years of tensions and chaos under the Trump administration will be broken.

Transitional officials discussed plans to change the procedures for asylum seekers on the southern border. The incoming administration said it wanted to identify the most vulnerable migrants and make their demands first.

The change is part of Biden’s plan to completely reconsider the asylum change, transition officials told reporters.

“The goal is to change the way people are welcomed on the border,” he said. To make the process more efficient; To make it more balanced; To make it more humane, ”said a Biden transit official. “This means that asylum seekers will not be able to go to court for many years and will be allowed to pursue their asylum applications.

The Trump administration’s strict restrictions on immigrants and policies; The Biden transition official said staff and all logistical changes associated with it needed to be carefully relocated to the system.

“This is a really big challenge because the current administration has violated a lot,” said a transition official.

The order was issued citing the Trump administration Occurring around the worldMost immigrants are effectively barred from the US immigration system. Before an outbreak Border officials are required to apply for asylum; Rules will be set on how many people were allowed to enter the United States at the time of the crossing.

A Biden Transition official said the administration intends to end the meters that began under the Obama administration. It has limited capabilities; Provides access to the country’s immigration system. Home Office of the Inspector General of Home Security in October Report Asylum seekers at the official border crossing have no place to deal with US authorities, regardless of whether they can actually deal with migrant workers.

The aim is to increase production in the border areas and give priority to those most in need of protection, said a Biden transition official. The most vulnerable migrants will be identified with the help of NGOs on the ground.

“Right now people are sleeping outside the port, which can hold a place. People are in a terrible situation at a time of health crisis,” said a Biden transit official. The plan is to work with organizations in Mexico to effectively collaborate with each person waiting to arrive at our ports.

Jid Sullivan, Biden’s choice and head of national security adviser to head the Internal Policy Council, told the Spanish News Agency a day after speaking to reporters. EFE It will take months for the asylum application at the border to be fully restored.

“Improving performance in the border area is not the same as lighting that you can not just turn on and off,” Rice told EFE. Migrant workers and asylum seekers in the region cross the border on the first day. We should never believe those who dream of being fully open.

Private sector, By working with governments and international partners, the Biden administration will address the root causes of migration, Rice said. The government provided $ 4 billion; To tackle corruption; He said he hoped to implement a four-year plan to improve security and prosperity in areas where people are fleeing.

“Most people would not choose to leave their country and their family and leave their life and family, unless the housing conditions were more dangerous than relocation,” Rice said.

The next program is in Guatemala. Resettlement of refugees in the West, including Honduras and El Salvador; To expand the legal channels for immigration to apply for temporary workers and other employment-based programs.

Sullivan said the Biden administration would not immediately suspend Trump’s Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP), but would evacuate people in Mexico after the end of US immigration. The plan is to end the Biden administration as soon as possible.

The MPP has been plagued by natural disasters since the beginning and has caused a humanitarian crisis in northern Mexico. But Sullivan said it would take time to implement the new policy. “The current administration has abolished the capacity needed to ensure reforms to ensure the safety of migrant workers. It will take time to increase productivity and meet public health needs.”

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