BJ Watling and Kyle Jamieson put New Zealand at the forefront


Pakistan 30 for 1 (Abid 19 *, Abbas 0 * Jamieson 1-5) Route new Zealand 401 Run 431 (Williamson 129, Watling 73, Taylor 70, Nicholls 56, Afridi 4-109, Yasir 3-113)

In the late evening, Shan Masood’s New Zealand made sure to be the happiest team in the Maunganui Mountains. However, Pakistan has set a second milestone for the hosts to keep up with the game so far.

After the expulsion of 11 New Zealanders after 431 tea leaves, Pakistan still needs to negotiate more than 20 pre-stunt tricks. More than 16 to get a foothold in memory of Kyle Jamieson only for Shan Maud, who was far away at the time, and after that he saw 41 balls.

Masood offered the only opportunity until then. As expected, he turned around and opposed Tim Southee’s delivery. He drove well in front of his body and climbed to the third lap. There, substitute Fielder Daryl Mitchell set a difficult low.

Pakistan has received few warnings of a New Zealand-led offensive. Abid Ali was particularly impressed by her alertness to judging and scoring opportunities outside of her. He ended the 19-day battle and was with nightwatchman Mohammad Abbas.

There was statistical evidence to support the notion that resin was better on bats from what was done the day it saw the ball vibrate and glow. New Zealand batsmen have won 76% of the vote, and for the first time in more than 20 positions, Pakistan’s top three ranks 88th.

The main threat from this resin is the movement of the seam instead of the seam. The frequency of uncertain jumps – especially the low ones – seems to be a sharp turn for large machines. Yasir Shah collected three caps in New Zealand’s first shots. He could be very influential if Pakistan were close to New Zealand for the first time. They will face the left wing of Mitchell Santner and continue to face New Zealand’s immediate threat. Uncertain effects on Neil Wagner’s short ball, in particular.

During the battle, Shaheen Afridi yorker suffered a sore toe, but Wagner was shot three times before the stump.

A yorker from Shaheen followed Wagner’s defense and followed him to bowling. Wagner made 19 low-level efforts, bringing New Zealand’s total to 431. Pakistan reduced the number from 61 to 317 in one step and expanded it to 431.

The main architects of the Battle of the Low Command are a very small and promising couple of BJ Watling and Jamieson, who included 66 for the seventh card out of 22 to build on the middle-class efforts. Early 23 percent of the day.

Their 22-character collaboration ended for the third time before tea. Mohammed Abbas summoned Jameson to extort money and an extraordinary amount of money in the corridor to assassinate Jimmy. It was a handful of letters that moved throughout the day, allowing Abbas to break through several gates in his 29 years.

Until then, Watling and Jamieson had not caused any harm to the Pakistani players. Yasir had only been involved in a cat-and-mouse race against Jamieson for some time. The footworker bravely walked to confront Jamieson with a lot of temptation. It consists of six towers. There is also a slog and a miss. With his fast-paced horsemen, he was able to land with the wrong foot on two legs. A possible hesitation-bound batsman from Paul on one occasion.

In addition, Jamieson scored 44 of his previous four tests. 49 Similar tactics, such as scores of 51 and 20, and similar positions that can be used to improve positions, especially to protect faster players. Watling, on the other hand, is usually narrow for defenses while withdrawing cash quickly from every wide offer. He also tried to defeat Yasir and fell on one knee. He was also the one who blew the stump on one side and floated on the other.

A couple also saw flowing drives and had to leave Faheem Ashraf. He eventually conceded 73, handed Afridi a fourth card and narrowed the room as he tried to get past the short ball.

Abbas and Afridi started with football over seven years ago. But no swings were found.

As a result, their first day was defensive for more than a day, and wider outside in trying to play the batsmen’s endurance. Dark Night No one had that ability; In the 94th night, Williamson waited for his 14th ball to add to his score.

Pakistan made its first bowling alley at 8am. It gave Williamson the opportunity to reveal his hundreds. Naseem Shah allowed overpitching and allowed him to distinguish between the most attractive and middle-class drives with covers. It was Williamson’s first test, and when he arrived in his hometown, he immediately turned on the gear and revealed that he had little to threaten.

He started driving non-wave balls and collected two Champions League football contacts from Abbas. On the left, Naseem hit the left leg and ended up with the left. Both elbows and legs are raised off the ground. Williamson scored 20 of his next 20 goals, taking the slowest in the cricket to test his hundred.

However, after Pakistan increased from 88 to 133 with Williamson, Pakistan was fortunate enough to expel Henry Nicholas and return with good luck. Pakistan is trying to attack the Nicholls with a short ball. Naseem made a loud noise as he hurriedly ran around with a chain around the witch. It was released because it appeared to have two noises. Nicholls refused to reconsider after lengthy discussions with his colleague. Because the ball did not touch the bat or the glove, so it showed both his palms clearly.

Yasir was then taken away by Pakistan on the 18th. He flew Williamson forward with a third ball, hitting the edge of his defense bat. 2 years, Unlike Williamson, Haris Sohail was able to carry the ball around the edges, but he grabbed his right hand with a sharp hand – radios pointing up and down. Sohail put his fingers under the ball.

Watling and Mitchell Santner added 36 more, with Ashraf adding three more minutes after lunch before the eighth. Santner was caught trying to hit the ball in the aisle with a bouncing ball and then he was caught.

Karthik Krishnaswamy is the Senior Editor at ESPNcricinfo

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