Black Christmas for Merchant who missed $ 1.8 million in 1inch tokens


On Christmas Day, DeFi users were surprised by a rhino like Kurt Russell with their stock culture. Decentralized exchange platform 1inch launches its governing and proprietary brand 1INCHToken peaked at almost $ 2.80 shortly after release.

Listening to Uniswap Signs Emerging in the Summer: Many people liken this to a “DeFi stimulus test.” Anyone who has used the platform for trading or has previously made liquidated wallets is branded via “air”. The average user receives approximately 1,600 tokens One lucky trader made over $ 20 million:

At least one merchant was a little worse off from the party for the costumes. But Twitter users @timoharingsJust before qualifying for the parameters to distribute the $ 1.8 million net plan for whose token.

On a virus Twitter account, Harings recounted how he created 500 Metamask wallets and traded each one to qualify them. However, no purse was received as the required payment was not exceeded.

Harings, a 23-year-old full-time trader from Germany since 2018, told the Cointelegraph in an interview that the planning process was difficult. He poured the spelling of 1-inch articles to draw up his strategy. Eventually, he decided to trade a crypto for $ 30 from 500 wallets.

“As a non-programmer, I am looking for simple ways to write my script. According to Harings, in October I thought I could run out of time because I could shoot any day, so for some reason MetaMask could not handle more than 100 wallets, so it distributed funds and actually traded on various computers.

In the end, Harings spent $ 8,000 on gas on trade, expecting a return of at least $ 250,000. If his wallet qualifies, he will receive $ 1.8 million.

But it was not all a loss – he dropped more than 1,800 tokens from his “major” trading wallets, but he only covered the cost of the program.

Harings admits he lost nearly $ 2 million, but he is still depressed.

“Part of me is proud of the idea and the work that I set out to do,” he said. How did I deal with that? If it had happened in 2016/17, it would have been worse mentally, after all that had happened in 2020. […] It is digestible.

He also shunned the wisdom and experience he had worked under his belt and was optimistic about his future earnings prospects.

“Before I reached my goal, I learned not to get discouraged. “[…] We all have a good amount of time left to make it and we are in the wild for the next 12-18 months in my opinion. No one is wrong That A small opportunity “

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