‘Blow-off top’ or $ 30,000? Traders are aware of the fate of the last year of Bitcoin


With Bitcoin unable to keep up with prices, traders and analysts are focusing on what to buy for digital currency in the next five days, after Bitcoin set a new full-time mark above $ 26,500. Coming soon to 2020.

Historical candles

Compared to the volatile history of Bitcoin, 8-9% daily profit is very small: As recently as 2019, there was a 42% march According to Messari co-founder Ryan Saleh, today’s rally is the second largest $ 2,300 candle in the history of digital currency.

Some traders look forward to happy days when candles overshadow the five figures.

Objection for $ 30,000

Positive headwinds for the next phase of Bitcoin are spreading. “Bitcoin” has recently become popular on Twitter with 164,000 tweets. Archaeological excavations at a street restaurant on Pompeii ruins;

Cointelegraph also put Bitcoin in this recent rally as previously reported Back to the popular stock market by conspiracy by Flow (S2F) modelEstimated price of

Another popular traditional matrix states that Bitcoin Mania still has a long way to go to the 2017 summit. According to Google analytics, the search history for “Bitcoin” is only one-fifth of each level.

All in all, the positive sentiment and the parabolic price movement are increasingly demanding traders ’30 to 30 to 30 kilograms’. On December 30, it was $ 30,000.

Blowing the tip?

Despite the positive attitude and prices that embarrass Cape Canaveral, some traders are queuing up for possible short positions. A trader is asking for a top spot in the next two weeks

It is still a minority, but he is no longer the only one who thinks it could be a tidal wave for Bitcoin. At Christmas, Bitcoin futures are worth $ 2.3 billionHistorically, things are leading the hate market.

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