Brexit agreement: What happens next? What will change on January 1?


London, United Kingdom – According to Michel Barnier, the clock is ticking.

About four-and-a-half years after a majority of Britons voted to take the United Kingdom out of the European Ocean, Britain and the European Union finally agreed. Historic trade agreement signed Thursday

The ၆ 660 billion ($ 900 billion)-a-year deal will determine their relationship from 2021, with a few months of deadlines. Fishing rights; :

The agreement comes a week before Britain leaves the EU on December 31, the end of the Brexit transition, before leaving the EU’s only market and customs union.

A successful deal was announced, with EU Brexit negotiator Barnier calling Thursday a “day of relief” and “some sadness compared to what happened in the past.”

What you need to know:

What happens next?

The UK and EU parliaments have yet to ratify the treaty. It has not yet been published, but is believed to be about 1,500 pages long.

Both legislatures are expected to sign the agreement. However, due to the short time remaining in the transition period, it could not be fully confirmed until next year.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to reach an agreement to vote in the British Parliament on December 30.

Parliamentarians are expected to ratify the agreement. Johnson’s ruling Conservative party has won a majority in Congress, and the opposition Labor Party has voted in favor of the deal.

However, the EU Parliament was quick to reject the ratification before the end of the year. The treaty will be analyzed before the legislature decides to ratify it in 2021.

As EU law contains provisions for temporary use without parliamentary approval, this process is unlikely to prevent the entry into force on 1 January.

EU diplomats Assessment begins Friday – Christmas Day Agreement – and two or three days are expected to weigh in on its terms.

Member states will need to reach an agreement before December 31 to ratify the agreement, as planned early next year.

What will change on January 1st?

The agreement allows goods between the UK and the EU to continue to travel without tariffs or quotas from the beginning of 2021, facilitating trade worth hundreds of billions of dollars annually.

It is called energy. Other agreements have been supplemented by transport and police and security issues.

However, even if an agreement is reached, some friction could affect trade between the UK and the EU from 1 January.

With more regulation and more bureaucracy, analysts have warned Britain not to “run smoothly” if it is outside the single-market and customs union.

Although there will be no tariff exemptions on goods between Britain and the EU, new non-tariff barriers will arise that will increase the cost of trade – new inspections and documents will emerge – said Bredyit expert Maddy Thimont Jack A UK government institute has told Al Jazeera

New regulations and requirements can disrupt the flow of goods, and It can cause problems for businesses that rely on real-time supply chains, and in the worst case scenario, blocking border crossings in the UK could lead to food shortages.

Johnson said the UK has its own laws and regulations. Boundaries and fisheries were regulated under the agreement [Paul Grover/Pool Photo via AP]

At the same time, Britain is abandoning EU fisheries policy.

Fisheries account for less than 0.1 per cent of the UK’s gross domestic product (GDP), but fish trade has become a total problem during trade talks.

However, the agreement does not include provisions on financial services. It accounts for four-fifths of the British economy. This means that access to the UK financial sector for the EU’s only single market will end on 1 January.

It does not include mutual recognition of professional qualifications. That means British doctors, Architects Employees and engineers need to be accredited by a member state that others want to practice early next year.

How did the British and the Europeans live? How do you live? The rules governing how it works will be fundamentally changed until January 1, with freedom of movement between Britain and the EU.

UK citizens need a visa to stay in EU member states for more than 90 days within 180 days, and EU pet passports are no longer valid.

“Leaving the single market and the Customs Union really means a red tape,” he said. Not only for businesses looking to trade with the EU, but also for holiday travel; It is also for pets or for those who want to move there in the future. Thimont-Jack said.

“It is not possible to reduce all distractions, but the most important thing is to make it easy for people or businesses to explain what they need to do when they make a mistake,” she added.

From 1 January, other changes will no longer be relevant to the UK Court ruling. You will no longer have access to the EU Security Database and will no longer be able to participate in the Erasmus Student Exchange Program.

What is the response to the agreement?

Johnson is a British law firm. Boundaries and fishing have been regained.

He urged Britain to take full advantage of the status quo of the soon-to-be “new and truly independent nation”. He told Britain that Britain would remain its number one market and ally.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen called the couple “very sad”.

“We have finally reached an agreement. This is a long road, but we have a lot of good points to pave the way,” Vander Leyan said on Thursday. “It is time to leave Brexit. Our future is in Europe, ”he added.

Across the continent, many cities’ leaders immediately declared their relief by preventing divorce without issuing a statement. Agree to the agreement:

Who wins in the end ‘?

Both sides will sell the agreement to win. But in reality, they make a deal to reach an agreement.

It can be said that the EU protects the integrity of its single market. Johnson pledged to complete Brexit, which had already won the election, and bring Britain to a trade deal.

Anand Menon, director of the UK’s Advisory Council for European Change, said the agreement was “mutually beneficial”.

It is an agreement that allows trade to remain in their surplus and to place various barriers on services in Ukraine’s surplus. Al Jazeera

For Boris Johnson, it is about trying to keep political pressure as low as possible.

“It’s never about making a profit or increasing profits like this, it’s about respecting the red lines. I think these signs are very good for him. [Johnson]: “

EU Barnier discusses agreement with diplomats from member states at Christmas meeting [Olivier Hoslet/Pool via Reuters]

But Menon also warned that Brexit would in one way or another continue to “continue” warning British politics for years to come.

He predicted that the implementation of the trade agreement would lead to a variety of issues, including the possibility of trade disruptions. The deal for Northern Ireland and the possible implications for Scottish politics – for the second referendum on independence after Brexit – are being pushed by the ruling National Party – as difficult regions.

Northern Ireland, part of the UK, will remain effective in a single market for EU tariffs and goods after 31 December to build a strong border between the EU member states, neighboring Ireland.

Brexit is basically like throwing huge bricks into a pool. “The burdens, the burdens. Burdens; There will be ups and downs for the times. ”

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