Burnley boss Sean Dyche leaves Leeds’ ‘unbelievably frustrated’ by losing decisions


Sean Dyche was “incredibly disappointed” after a goalless draw at Leeds.

He was awarded a fifth-minute penalty by Patrick Bamford after being charged with injury to Burnley goalkeeper Nick Pop.


Free to watch – Highlights from the win over Burnley in the Premier League

Burnley then equalized 17 minutes later. Ashley Barnes returns the ball home, but referee Robert Jones has floated away after Ben Mee fouled goalkeeper Illan Meslier.

‘You run to another person. Can jump “I can not get on my knees.”

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Sean Dyche was extremely unhappy with some of the referees’ decisions in the defeat to Burnley against Leeds.

Ditch, who spoke to Jones after the match, said the goal was rejected. “Ben Mee does nothing more than try to be clear about his title. He does not even look at people.

“The goalkeeper came out. I knelt back. He threw the ball. This is a terrible thing for him. It is not possible. It protects the goalkeepers.

“I do not know where this game is physically.”

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Jamie Redknapp rejects referee Robert Jones’ decision to challenge Burnley for Liverpool in the first half

“Unfortunately, everyone sees it. This is a strange phenomenon. It can not happen in this game. We should be injured.

As a result, I was devastated. Many other decisions were made, but they were two very important decisions that went against us.

More responses to Burnley’s forbidden goal …

Ben Mee: Barcelona beat Real Madrid 2-0 and then won 2-0. Referee) is working. ”

Ashley Barnes: “I tried to beat goalkeeper Ben Mee and missed the ball. I scored because I don’t know why the project was canceled. There were a lot of decisions throughout the day.

Marcelon Bielsa: “Honestly, I don’t know if the call was right or not. We only accept the decisions of the referees. Your question is beneficial to our decision.”

Patrick Bamford: There are a lot of games that have not been played by either team for either team [Burnley] The shouting of everything has an effect on the referee. The referee did his job and thought he had a good game.

Dick: The pope wins the ball

Sean Dyche claims that Nick Pope received the ball more than Patrick Bumford
Sean Dyche claims that Nick Pope received the ball more than Patrick Bumford

Ditch did not think Liverpool should be punished early.

“Popey got the ball,” Dyche said. “You can tell the direction of the ball, so I’m surprised, I’m not surprised, because the top players say they want more fines.

“I understand there is a directive, but strangely, there was only one in 24 games.”


Former Manchester United midfielder Paul Robinson says number one Illan Meslier has been lucky enough to break Burnley’s ambitions.

‘What do I think of him?’ He asked. He did not answer ‘

Sean Dyche spoke to the referee after Burnley's defeat at Leeds
Dyche told the referee after Burnley’s defeat at Leeds

When he spoke to the referee after the match, Ditch’s grievances were clear. When asked what he said, he replied, “What do I want from the referee?” I just asked how I wanted to. I’m going to ask him what he thinks.

“In my experience, they often say that when they see something they think 20 times, it does not happen, it happens often, it’s just a little bit different,” he said.

I’m talking about the ability to play in the Premier League and in the referees. Trying not to start the match. It does not work. Ask for your opinion on the way and he will give it to you. You sometimes feel lonely.

‘This game needs to be tidy’

Burnley boss Sean Dyche
Burnley boss Sean Dyche

Asked what he needed for the game, Dyche said: “It ‘s normal.

“The players are shouting. I don’t think you need that in the game. It’s new now because of the empty stadiums.

“I do not like this. And you see such physical contact. It was a clear penalty, but no.”

‘We had many opportunities’

Referee Robert Jones rejected Ashley Bars' strike
Referee Robert Jones rejected Ashley Vernic’s strike

Liverpool dominated the first half and missed a lot of chances. But Burnley turned the tables on Marcelo Bielsa in the second season under pressure for equality.

“They had a bright appearance from the beginning,” Dyche said. We do not look poor. “In the second half we were terrible players and we got away with it.

“I thank them. They try to get clean paper. But we (in the second half) had a lot of chances to find the last key or finish.

Should Barnes’ strike be called off?

Referee Robert Jones rejected Ashley Bars' strike
Referee Robert Jones rejected Ashley Vernic’s strike

Sky Sports’ Jamie Redknapp:

I do not blame Dick [for being frustrated]: If I were a manager, I would be very disappointed. The mistake that can easily get your claim denied is to fail miserably. Sometimes it is necessary to inhale it. The goalkeeper came in and took him out. His left knee fell on Mee’s back.

“When you think about how clean the game is, they talk about players jumping up and down in the air, but for one reason when a goalkeeper comes in and decides to get on the player’s back, we’re going.

Referee Robert Jones immediately dismissed Ashley Vanesse's equalizer
Referee Robert Jones immediately dismissed Ashley Vanesse’s equalizer

United have won the Premier League this season. Ferguson says he hopes his players can improve their goalscoring prowess.

“Robert Jones was wrong. He was early in the early days of the Premier League, but he breathed his last before he made another decision because he should have gone the other way.”

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