Capricorn Weekly Horoscope


WEEK 21st – 2nd December 2020

Not only is Monday, December 21, the winter solstice, but it also marks the official kickoff to Capricorn season as the sun breaks into your sign. For the next four weeks you will be at your game and magnetize the opportunity with minimal effort. As a future-oriented earth sign, you know you do not have to wait for the decade to turn around to get these New Year’s resolutions off the ground. Sign up for masterclasses and mastermind groups (especially those with limited space) before all the “January only” people make their annual migration. Start talking shop to the big-deal client or visionary colleague. True leaders do not follow their watches or calendars. For maximum efficiency, write out your top goals for 2021 and place the list where you can see it every day. What support do YOU ​​need to achieve these goals? From working with a trainer to getting advanced training, get it in line now so you can really hit the ground running in January!

Another reason to highlight Monday with bright neon ink? It is also “The Great Conjunction”, a day every 20 years where Jupiter and Saturn establish an exact connection. Keep an eye on your money as Jupiter and Saturn combine their superpowers at 0º29 ‘Aquarius, strengthening your second house with values ​​and financial foundation. It is a popular saying among spectator law that “the roots create the fruits.” If you have been persistent against the odds (which is Capricorn way!), You should have a beautiful reward. If you have taken shortcuts on the road to abundance, this cosmic pairing will expose fault lines, requiring repair work. Start (re) build your platform on a robust structure – without sacrificing your ethics. Jupiter amplifies everything it touches. Saturn can bring stability and success to long-term missions. Yes, this work on the ground floor can require an annoying investment of time and resources. But it’s better than having to pay fines or an inflated rate for emergency repairs because you ignored potential problems or did not follow code. Do you still pay your fees when you climb the ladder? Be smart, smart and strategic, but also willing to jump into a bigger league. A well-calculated risk can provide epic rewards!

If your home is not the peaceful oasis you long for, it is up to YOU ​​to take action this Wednesday. Provocateur Pluto in your sign casts great shadow on irritable Mars in your domestic fourth house, making it hard to let things slip. Is a roommate relaxing from their duties or is messy, noisy or late with payments? If you live with your SO, how is the balance of power at home? It is not uncommon to expect people to be respectful and bear their share of the burden. But if you’ve picked up on someone else’s laxity, they might assume you’re cool about it and that’s the new status quo. Reach out in the middle of the week – keep your own anger or rage in check – and take the time to talk things through. Be aware of what you are proposing, where you are willing to negotiate, and what will happen if things do NOT change. This is also a good day to evaluate your most intimate relationship. During this activating Mars-Pluto mashup, you may realize that you are tired of always keeping the peace. Call for a time-out and make YOU for a change!

Whether you are celebrating virtually or with a small group, you will be in a particularly festive mood this Christmas Eve and day. With the Taurus Moon glistening in your creative, playful and chic fifth house, you can suddenly smooth out the festivities. Dress for dinner even if you share meals via Zoom. Although they may growl a little at first, we know that friends and family will appreciate the excuse to put on their glamorous clothes and do their hair. Romantically you feel more steady than lovely – the perfect excuse to slip off for a little after eggnog!

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