Chepstow Coral Welsh Grand Grand National Card Canceled


Chepstow’s Coral Welsh Grand National convention canceled due to shallow water

These items were unfortunate due to the weather conditions and admitted defeat.

Earlier this week, Storm Bella made a mistake at night, despite optimism that the reputation card featuring the No. 1 Coral Finale Juvenile Hurdle would survive.

The course’s secretary, Libby O’Flaherty, inspected at 7.45am and chose to cancel the meeting.

“We had another 27mm one night and this morning until 7 this morning,” O’Flaherty said.

“This is interesting because it has a straight line on the back of a faulty ground device,” he said. But I was trying to find a way, but no one was there. ”

O’Flaherty confirmed that the meeting would take place on January 9.

“We have rescheduled it for January 9. That should be the case, but we are waiting for official confirmation that the cards are the same,” he said.

Due to 18 mm of heavy rain, Sunday’s meeting had to be preceded by a precautionary inspection before 8 a.m., and the Limerick card was canceled on Sunday due to shallow water.

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