China’s Australian copper imports fall as tensions rise


Conveyor Belts New South Wales Transported to the underground caves in Perth.

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China’s copper imports from Australia fell to a record low in November at least 2016. Customs data show on Saturday.

Last August, Australia shipped 26,717 tonnes of copper ore or partially modified copper ore to China, the world’s largest copper consumer, according to data released by the General Customs Office last month.

That’s down 34 percent from October. It is down 77.8% from the previous year and is the lowest wage on record as of January 2017.

According to Australian media reports, in early November, the Chinese government announced that it would suspend copper and iron ore production from Australia on November 6, according to bilateral ties. He said the companies had been instructed to focus on purchasing at least six other products, from coal to shrimp. :

Customs information was scheduled for release on Friday, but the agency’s website was down.

Copper content of steel used for refining copper is one of the products of many countries in Australia.

Australian suspicions erupted in 2018 when Australia became the first country to publicly ban China’s Huawei Technologies from its 5G network, and this year worsened when Australia called for an investigation into the origins of COVID-19.

In October last month, Australian telegraph exports fell by more than 50%.

Last month, China’s copper imports from all countries were 1.83 million tonnes, up 8.3 percent from October but down 15 percent from October.

Australia imported 4.8% of China’s total copper content in 2019, followed by Chile and India. Peru It is the fifth largest supplier after Mongolia and Mexico.

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