Chris Hell Stause responds to controversy over bringing Keo Motsepe to visit family during outbreak Online


Was some of the internet No. Hello Chrishell stopped Take a girlfriend Dance with the stars Wanted Keo Motsepe To meet her family over Christmas in a global pandemic.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urges people to minimize the chances of coronavirus transmission by avoiding contact with people who do not live with them. It has prevented millions of people, including couples, from taking the COVID-19 test before their ceremonies to gain some peace of mind and neglect their journey to meet their loved ones after months of solitude.

Chrishell told Keo and her two sisters, St. St. Louis, near St. Louis He was taken to meet a woman who lived near Louis and was sitting in a chair wearing a nightgown and shorts with the group. Some users, including the author of the photo, said, “Please remember your platform. It is not good to show large family gatherings. It makes others feel comfortable. 39 years after the controversy Sunset Sale An announcement was made on the star Instagram:

“Those who express Covid’s concerns agree that I do not use my platform well,” said Chris Shrell, who lives in Los Angeles. “Normally I always try to be socially responsible with my posts because I’m naturally compassionate. I can see how to show it to some people. I understand you disagree, but at least I know where I am. This is my family. We can all try before and after.”

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