CNN’s Andrew Kazney Ski thanks people for their support after the death of their baby daughter Francesca-E. Online


CNN Political Correspondent Andrew Kaczynski She thanked people for following her baby daughter FrancescaShe died of cancer and shared new pictures of herself in her final months

The 31-year-old journalist and his wife The Wall Street Journal Bank Reporter Rachel is Louise Ensign‘s The baby is dead At the age of nine months before Christmas, after a long-term hospitalization after battling a rare ruby ​​brain tumor.

On Christmas Day, Andrew declared the tragedy. There he recorded Francesca’s fight, with the support of friends and fans, and he and Rachel wrote obituaries for her.

“Thank you to everyone,” Andrew said. Your message touches our hearts Twitter December 26 “We are very grateful for the amount of money raised in Francesca’s honor to fight this terrible disease,” he said on Saturday. And you will try to cure it for the rest of your life. ”

He also shared one Video “I know you did not know the boy before he was diagnosed with cancer in September,” wrote the author, who wrote: Before she started her treatment, she was asleep. I get a normal life of 6 months. It will be the end of July. “

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