Countries Open for Tourists at the Beginning of 2021


The COVID-19 eruption has canceled almost all trips and intercontinental flights. Most counties closed their borders and started lockdowns to stop the spread of the virus. Unfortunately, the number of cases worldwide is growing every day, and most countries remain closed to travelers for a year.

The coming year will be good for those who want to travel as fast as possible. By 2021, some popular destinations will be open to foreigners. Scroll down below and explore the list of countries to visit in the first quarter of 2021.


This African country is popular with travelers because of its national parks where people can observe the wildlife. To see lions, elephants and rhinos in early 2021, perform a PCR COVID test.


If you want to switch from the cold climate and spend a week in Morocco, you must have a reserved hotel to enter the country in 2021. You must also have a negative COVID test report from the last 48 hours to enjoy a holiday in this country.


This country is a popular destination due to the warm climate and the azure waters. If you decide to spend some winter days in 2021 there, do not forget to visit Zanzibar, the nearest island. Tanzania requires no quarantine and testing so that tourists can enter the country without any hassle.

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Egypt will also welcome travelers in 2021. To access the country in the first quarter of 2021, you must have a negative COVID-19 test report made no more than 72 hours prior to arrival.


The pandemic hit the country’s economy. The government then allowed tourists to enter Brazil without restrictions. It should be noted, however, that the amount of COVID-19 cases in Brazil is large, so it may be unsafe to travel to this country.

Costa Rica

Tourists from all over the world are allowed to enter the country without any problems. Travelers do not have to screen or spend 14 days in isolation. Medical insurance is the only requirement to visit Costa Rica.


This Caribbean island will also be open to tourists in early 2021. All international visitors must pass the COVID-19 test. Fortunately, testing is free for travelers.

Dominican Republic

Test or quarantine is not required to enter the Dominican Republic. Upon arrival, however, random tourists may be asked to pass the COVID test. There is also a curfew so you can not enjoy the nightlife there.

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This country will also be open to international visitors in early 2021. It is not necessary to have a negative test report or spend 14 days on quarantine after arrival. However, some travelers may be asked for a medical examination. It is also important to wear face masks everywhere.


Japan is one of the first Asian countries to open its doors to foreign visitors. The government announced that tourists would be able to come to Japan from March 1, 2021. A negative COVID-19 test report will be mandatory. In any case, the Japanese authorities are asking people to postpone non-essential trips.


This Asian country also opens its borders to international visitors on March 1, 2021. However, only citizens of the border countries can enter Malaysia in early 2021.


This small country in the south of Europe is a popular travel destination and it is open to visitors from all over the world. However, all travelers must have a negative COVID-19 report made less than 72 prior to arrival.


This country accepts tourists from all over the world. International travelers do not need to take tests or be isolated on arrival. However, all people who come to Turkey must wear face masks everywhere. Otherwise, they may be fined by the police.


If you want to visit this oriental country in early 2021, be prepared that it will not be easy even if it is open to travelers.

First, bring a negative COVID-19 test report. You will also need to perform another on arrival and self-isolate yourself for 14 days unless you are coming from a country with “green zone”.

United Arab Emirates

This country has less requirements for tourists. The rules are different in all the emirates. In most cases, visitors will be required to quarantine for 14 days or perform a COVID-19 test upon arrival.

Recommendation for travelers

First, always take a dozen disposable face masks everywhere you go. Do not forget to disinfect your hands often to protect yourself during trips in 2021.

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