COVID ‘shutdown’ in Canada’s largest state


As the state seeks to contain the COVID-19 outbreak, it will have stricter restrictions throughout Ontario until at least Jan. 9.

Canada’s most populous state is plagued by coronavirus-related diseases; Tighter COVID-19 restrictions were imposed on Saturday to prevent deaths and hospitalizations.

Ontario Premier League Doug Ford announced “closure of the entire state” earlier this week. He said the daily COVID-19 cases could endanger the health care network and long-term care homes.

“We need to stop the spread of this deadly virus. So … we are making a difficult decision to close the state and ask people to stay at home. At the moment, nothing is more important than the health and safety of all Ontarians, ”Ford said in a statement.

Restrictions that begin on Saturday, 5: 1-20 local time (9:00 am) include restrictions on gatherings of people from different households and restrictions on 10 people outside the home, as well as non-essential business activities. :

Large grocery stores that sell groceries can open, but with a 25 percent limit, pharmacies and grocery stores can operate at 50 percent capacity.

People block the COVID-19 test at Sena Mountain Hospital in Toronto, which reopened in late November. [File: Carlos Osorio/Reuters]

Toronto, Canada’s largest city, has been under strict COVID-19 regulations since late November. :

As of Thursday, Ontario had an average of 2,306 new cases every day for seven days. On the same day, 2,447 new infections were recorded, the highest day since the outbreak began. Another 49 deaths were reported in connection with the virus.

‘Delayed action’

Some public health experts in Ontario say Ford is too late for the PM. Ford has been criticized for doing little to stop the spread of the virus.

According to state data, 27 percent of the 923 COVID-19 cases in Ontario are in the workplace.

“Mr. Ford does not understand which part of the ‘now’ and ‘action’?” Globe and Mail health columnist Andre Picard wrote earlier this week.

Picard declared a state of emergency on December 21, but criticized the prime minister for imposing new sanctions five days later.

“Half-length delays, repeated biased approaches, will not yield results,” he wrote.

Ontario Premier League Doug Ford said this week that he had ‘made a difficult but necessary decision’ to impose stricter restrictions across Canada. [File: Carlos Osorio/Reuters]

Ontario, 60 km (37 miles) west of Toronto; Dr Nadia Alam, a family doctor in Georgetown, told Al Jazeera on Friday that hospitals were struggling to deal with many patients with COVID and non-COVID.

She says nurses and other healthcare workers are doubling down as the network is limited in scope.

“We are out of people. We are out of space [Ontarians] Working in the lives of each of them affects our health care system as well. It can be broken, ”she said.

He said the entire state needed to be closed to prevent the spread of the virus to humans and others.

“If the lockdown does not work, it will cause trouble,” he said. “We feel we are in trouble.”

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