CT blooper reel – The most unexpected time of our video team in 2020


The Cointelegraph YouTube Channel In 2020, it witnessed the ridicule of crypto ‘s different personalities, from being hacked to the point of being banned in the worst case scenario in 2020. Here are some of our favorite blooper moments of the year – we hope you enjoy them.

Livestream YouTube boycotts Halcoin party Bitcoin

2020 is the first year for many. The first year of the new decade; Unprecedented global epidemic and Cointelegraph’s first YouTube strike And, honestly, we’re still pretty confused. The strike came at the last minute. A seven-hour virtual livestream event Cointelegraph hosted the successful third half of Bitcoin on May 11. The flow includes industry experts; Includes senior investors and well-known crypto professionals. Some notable moments:

Everything went as smoothly as expected until the final board of the day, the Crypto Influencers. This panel contains many prominent crypto personalities including Altcoin Daily, Bad Crypto Podcast, Altcoin Buzz, Naomi Brockwell, Bitboy Crypto, Layah Heilpurn and especially Chico Crypto.

After going live, the panel immediately becomes chaotic. Crypto Chico shouts at the other guests through the host’s introduction. Call them shills. Many f-bombs fell. After the end of his tirade, he disappeared from the panel and was never heard again.

The panel restarted as best it could, but 20 minutes later YouTube abruptly shut down the livestream and Cointelegraph YouTube channel. As a warning, the livestream was removed for violating YouTube channel community guidelines. The Cointelegraph’s appeal against the strike was rejected, but the cause of the strike was not immediately clear. Given Crypto Chico’s ridicule and proclamation and proximity, his behavior may have played a significant role in YouTube’s decision. But we do not know for sure.

Check out livestream highlights here:

Cringe and Craig Wright

No year ends without a well-deserved over-inclusion. Cointelegraph is no exception.

The Cointelegraph YouTube channel started broadcasting on this site Video interview with Satighi Nakamoto’s Craig Wright: The video received over a thousand comments, most of which were about the awkward reaction between the host (me) and Craig Wright. One of the most popular comments about this video was from a short YouTuber called River.

This interview is not good. I can not be satisfied. As a host, I felt very bad during the recording. But the reason for the inconvenience is not what most people think. I do not despise Craig Wright; Despite his bold statements, he did not feel hostile toward her.

In fact, the interview was conducted using a method known as reflection. Pausing his answers to retrieve details or repeating what he is currently saying. The result was a seemingly hostile interview with cringey, but it was quite effective in revealing Wright’s character and his courageous demands.

See the full interview here

John McAfee reports old news with AK-47

John McAfee is notorious around the world for his personality and personality traits. In the field of crypto, an American computer scientist If he fails to reach the price estimates and reach $ 500K, he will be televised live by betting on eating his own organs on live television (now called ‘D * ckening’). He remained in a Spanish prison at the end of 2020, but remained active on Twitter despite being extradited to the United States for tax evasion.

So the Cointelegraph is no stranger to covering McAfee’s wild side. So no one in the video team was surprised McAfee branded his AK-47 (on request) Interview with Dylan Love, former head of Cointelegraph. In one interview, he described Satoshi Nakamoto’s identity as ‘99% certain’ and described how he had hurt a visiting journalist by playing a Russian game. Suppose McAfee gets old.

See the full interview here

Thank you

For all of this year, the Cointelegraph Video Team would like to thank you for supporting the channel and for watching our content. Thank you. In 2020 Cointelegraph YouTube Channel

  • Published 140 videos
  • There were almost 2 million unique views
  • Gained 30,000 new users
  • There were almost 250,000 hours

All of us at Cointelegraph Video Team can’t wait to see what happens next year. You are welcome to join us. To like it almost always. to subscribe

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