Daniel Pearl’s family condemns release of Pakistani suspects


The men involved in the 2002 killings are expected from their families, who remain in prison.

The family of Daniel Pearl, an American journalist who was assassinated in Pakistan in 2002, has called the release of those involved in the crime and called for their release as a “justice trip.”

Four men, including Ahmed Omer Saeed Sheikh from Britain and Pakistan, have been convicted of kidnapping and killing a Wall Street Journal reporter.

Sheikh was sentenced to death and three other men were sentenced to life in prison.

In April this year, Sheikh was sentenced to seven years in prison, while the other three were sentenced.

The same court ordered his release on Thursday.

In a statement sent to Al Jazeera on Friday, Pearl’s family said the killers should be jailed before appealing a January 5 ruling by the Supreme Court.

‘Journey to Justice’

We deny that the Pakistani government and people of Pakistan will allow justice to be tarnished and that Pakistan’s image and heritage will be tarnished. Pearl’s parents, Ruth and Judas, said.

We believe that his son’s murderers should remain in prison on appeal by the Supreme Court. I am also pleased to hear that the Pakistani government is appealing the latest release order. Aung Naing

We firmly believe that the Supreme Court of Pakistan should provide justice for its beloved son and strengthen the fundamental importance of freedom of the press.

California A 38-year-old journalist from Ansino was abducted in January 2002 in Karachi.

Sheikh was accused of aiding the kidnapping after helping to lure Sheikh to a meeting.

A report released by Al Jazeera on Thursday states that “petitioners are not” enemies. ” Therefore, detention is illegal under sub-constitution.

Exit the control list

The court order added that all four would be placed on the Exit Control List, which barred them from leaving the country, until the Supreme Court ruled on the appeal.

Pearl Family Lawyer Faisal Siddiqi said on Friday that Al Jazeera should be remanded in custody as a court order on Thursday. “The Supreme Court has not ordered them to be charged. Order

Pakistan’s Supreme Court will resume hearings on the Sindh Supreme Court. They pleaded guilty to the charges and should be sentenced to prison.

“Our position is the death sentence of the Sindh Supreme Court [in April] Wrong is wrong; It is a mistake to assume that Daniel’s body was never found. His body was found and he was buried in Los Angeles, ”Siddiqi told Al Jazeera.

The trial is set to resume on January 5, and the Supreme Court is expected to try Daniel ‘s family.

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