David Henrie welcomes his second child with his wife, Maria Cahill-E. Online


That best present Wizards of the Waverly Department Star David Henrie And his wife Marie Cahill This year’s Christmas gift did not come under the tree. Instead, their holiday surprise is their brand new boy. James August Henry:

On December 26, David told him the good news Instagram He and Mary greeted their baby with a slide show of followers and hospital photos.

“Christmas baby is born. All … one night! James Thomas Augustine Henry was born on December 25, 2020. how I Met Your Mother alum shared. “My wife is a superhero and has achieved her goal of a drug-free birth. I am very proud of her.”

Who is David? Recently reunited With his Disney Channel Co-star Selena Gomez For the movie This year is a yearHe also explained why this date was another matter for the family.

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