DeFi Merchant Receives Over $ 20 Million at 1INCH Marked Christmas Airport


On Christmas Day, there is a 1inch central currency exchange service Its administration and utility have been marked: The platform launched 90 million 1INCH tokens to customers who previously traded in the launch.

According to Data The largest recipient of free token distribution from on-chain analytics provider Dune received 9774966.033 tokens for the highest bid of $ 27.5 million, valued at $ 2.8.

An exam Address The address, which demonstrates the provision of loans and mortgage collaborations to the agricultural sector by significantly increasing yields, is actively involved in automated marketer (AMM) platforms such as Uniswap and SushiSwap.

A total of over 55,200 addresses can claim more than half of the coins and free 1INCH tokens, according to the DIN. The average token through these addresses is 1,629 tokens and must be at least 600 tokens.

A trader must complete a transaction in Singapore before 15 September. Customers who make a purchase of at least $ 20 for four transactions before December 24 will also be eligible for free tokens.

1INCH grew 16% in 24-hour trading Price It reached $ 2.9, but dropped to $ 2. The dock of the airport event is about to emerge Successfully raised $ 12 million In early December, the fund was backed by Pantera Capital.

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