Due to the Christmas crisis, Silver Streak overcame Epatante


The Silver Streak disappointed the shocking Epatante with a victory in the Ladbrokes Christmas district of Kempton.

Jockie Adams used many of Evan Williams’ gray tactics. Silver Streak overcame the challenge: jumping accurately and leaving this year’s champions’ heroin 1-5 out of favorites, but settling second.

Epatante made a mistake in the third and final. Aidan Coleman was able to move within a significant distance in the early stages of her honesty to demand that the winner be shut down, but the amount of storage on the Silver Streak increased and eventually rose again. Win in six and a half months.

The 13-2 victory was his first in the first round, and last month he was unlucky in Fighting Fifth in Newcastle. Epatante easily won there.

Coleman spoke about Epatante. “The winner deserves to win. The competition is about planning. But there is no reason for her to just change gears. She can come back. Back)

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