Elon Musk says Tim Cook refused to meet with him


Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment

He responded to a statement about a Muslim Reuters Published on Monday. According to Reuters, citing well-known sources, Apple plans to launch a large market vehicle that will use the new battery technology.

“I contacted Tim Cook to discuss the possibility that Apple could buy Tesla (for one-tenth of its current value),” Musk said on Twitter. “He refused to hold a meeting.”

Musk said on Twitter Reuters reports that “Strange. If true” in the second installment, it is possible to sell cookies in the early days of Tesla’s Model 3 program. Mid-market sedan Market entry for the 2017 model Tesla suffered months of production problems and other issues, including assembling cars in a tent next to a factory in Fremont, California. The model 3 is now Best Selling Luxury Car The rise of Tesla in the United States The most valuable car manufacturer in the world.
Elon Musk: Tesla is a month away from bankruptcy
In August 2018 Musk spoke on Twitter He is considering taking Tesla separately. The Securities and Exchange Commission, Musk, denied the allegations Agree He described the settlement as “an experienced lawyer” with a stipulation that “there will be Twitter messages about” any information about Tesla’s financial condition “or” any potential or proposed two companies “.

An experienced security lawyer is reviewing Musk’s Tuesday tweets. It is not known yet.

Entering the car market is a notoriously difficult endeavor. According to Musk, Tesla went bankrupt in many places throughout its 17-year history. Company only It made its first annual profit Last year.

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