Exmo hackers withdraw some funds stolen through Poloniex


Hack cryptocurrency exchange Exmo has made millions of dollars in crypto money through the Poloniex crypto exchange, so Exmo has yet to recover much of the stolen funds.

On December 21, Exmo announced a major hack All taken out and frozen From the exchange: The United Kingdom-based company now estimates that the total loss is more than $ 10.5 million in digital assets, such as Bitcoin.BTC), E (ETH), Tether (USDT), XRP, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) And Zcash (ZEC).

Exmo executives allege that a total of $ 4 million in stolen property was confiscated by the perpetrators through Poloniex, making it impossible to recover the stolen property. A spokesman for Poloniex Compliance told Cointelegraph.

“After receiving information from Exmo, I immediately recognized the two accounts. Unfortunately, all the damage was removed for hours before Exmo contacted.

According to Exmo’s calculations, Poloniex allowed the withdrawal of $ 1 million in XRP and $ 2.8 million in ZEC. Exmo executives have blamed Poloniex for its lack of anti-money laundering plans, according to Poloniex. Moved Exmo, its headquarters from the United States to the Seychelles, commented on the incident. Report to Seychelles Central Bank

Poloniex denied Exmo allegations to the Cointelegraph. The exchange has strong AML and Know-Your-Customer policies.

Regarding KYC and AML policies. Poloniex monitors money laundering and money laundering crimes. Identification; Confirmation OFAC; Jumio, EVS and Elliptic use industry-leading software to handle blocking and payments. Affected accounts were created 4 weeks ago and the above software and standards have been fully approved.

As previously mentioned, Exmo’s security incident caused the stage to fall Regarding its total assets. 5% loss: The exchange claims that the hack only affected the hot wallets of the exchange and promised to cover consumer losses. As part of the investigation to recover the stolen funds, Exmo provided hacker-related wallets. Announced In addition to major global exchanges in Kraken and Yobit, partnerships with crypto analytics companies Chainalysis and CipherTrace.

A December 23 security incident Latest NewsExmo said it expects the exchange program to begin recovering key cryptocurrencies from December 25 to 26.

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