Fauci warns that US COVID-19 outbreak could get worse after holidays


The United States’ top epidemiologist warns that the holiday season could push the country into a “critical area” of the Coronavirus epidemic and possibly be the worst.

“I share the concerns of the elected president,” he said [Joe] “Biden is really going to get worse in the next few weeks.” Anthony Fauci told CNN on Sunday.

“The darkest days of the country are ahead of us,” said Biden, who will take office on January 20. Not behind the scenes, ”he warned Wednesday.

COVID-19 incidents in recent weeks; Hospitalizations and deaths have risen across the country.

In the past seven days, the United States has recorded an average of 185,903 new infections, and 117,344 hospitalized people have been infected, according to the COVID program.

As of Sunday, the number of infected people in the United States had risen to more than 3 million, from more than 19 million.

The U.S. holiday travel service was significantly lower than in previous years, but the airline flew more than a million passengers a week for six consecutive days last week, according to the Transportation Security Agency.

An employee of an airline drawn for Christmas. Assists travelers at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in Arlington [Kevin Lamarque/Reuters]

In December, after last month’s Thanksgiving holiday, the US coronavirus outbreak rate was over 200,000, sometimes more than 3,000 daily deaths.

Many high-capacity hospitals have intensive care units, Fauci added, adding that the country could face a “surge”.

In an interview with ABC television on Sunday, surgeon Jerome Adam said he was “deeply concerned” about the holiday season.

But now, with the advent of new vaccines across the country – at the forefront of health workers and those receiving long-term care – Americans are seeing little ray of hope.

Still, initial vaccine shipments did not meet federal government commitments.

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer was among the public critics of the case. But on Sunday, she pointed to signs of improvement.

He told CNN after Trump administration officials apologized for the inadequate distribution of the vaccine.

“We are making big progress, but we need them to have a federal government,” she said.

New York City Fire Department Emergency Medical Services (FDNY EMS) worker receives COVID-19 vaccine [Carlo Allegri/Reuters]

About two million Americans, by yearend, have been vaccinated so far under the Trump administration under 20 million

However, Fauci described the ambitious project as a “normal accident”.

He told CNN: “Every time you launch a big program, it starts to slow down and accelerate.

He said he was “pretty confident” that he would be able to vaccinate all of his high-profile priorities in pretty much every month.

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