For the first Christmas after Kelly Preston’s death, John Travolta shared a delightful family video. Online


Less than six months after the death of his wife Kelly Preston, John Travolta Shared Video On his children’s Instagram Ella, 20, and BenCelebrate Christmas to Instagram, 10.

The Beef The star shared the video on December 25th. Ella and Ben wrap up presents in front of a Christmas tree.

“Say Merry Christmas,” John said in the video. Ella and Ben say, “Merry Christmas!” They respond to With smiles and waves.

This year will be different for the Travolta children who lost their mother, Kelly, in July after a two-year battle with breast cancer. Actress in a movie Like a girl Need, Sky heightversus Gotti With her husband, it was 57.

John shared the sad news at length “with a heavy heart.” Instagram Caption

She fought bravely with a photo of Kelly. MD Anderson Medical Center; Medical centers; I will always be grateful to her and many of her friends and loved ones and to her family, her doctors and nurses. Forgive me in advance if I take some time and do not listen to me for a long time for the children who lost their mother, Kelly’s love and life will always be remembered But please know that I will feel your love. In the coming weeks and months as we heal. “

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