Gemini Weekly Horoscope


WEEK 21st – 2nd December 2020

Metamorphic moments are ahead, the Gemini, and you can come out of the dark cover of the solstice night and feel completely reborn. Not only is this Monday, December 21, the longest night in the Northern Hemisphere, but it is also the days when the sun crashes into Capricorn and your eighth house with intimacy, eroticism and strong emotions. Until January 19, you prefer to fly under the radar. But while you are there, everything that is swept under the rug or tucked away in the deepest recesses of your psychic closet is up for inspection. While this can play out in a variety of ways, the bottom line is what you are dealing with, DO NOT be superficial! If you have been on the fence about a particular connection, you need to take a decisive step, both in personal and professional matters. Since this card sector also governs spirituality and metaphysics, you can intensify a meditation practice, start studying a divination art, or participate in a virtual coven. This is also the area of ​​shared assets and long-term investments, making the next month a great time to book a deal with a financial guru and make sure your money works as hard for you as you do for it!

Later on Monday, one of 2020’s deepest astrological moments arrives, where boundless Jupiter and stabilizing Saturn meet in the exact degree of Aquarius (0º29 ‘). This rare event, which astrologers call The Great Conjunction, only happens every twenty years! An epic adventure awaits as The Great Conjunction hits your ninth house with global expansion, higher education and wisdom. This may include moving to a new city, traveling by van for a month, or applying for elementary school. Entrepreneurship can blow up and bring in big revenue in 2021. Decadent Jupiter is right at home in the Ninth House, giving you a double dose of hedonistic and cautious wind-vibes. Take advantage of the momentum and take decisive action around your dreams – but not without ANY kind of plan. Saturn only carries risks when they are calculated, and throwing caution against the wind can cause the devastating effect of a tornado. While the called taskmaster can limit your zest for life, it can help you build power and endurance. One of your magnificent ideas can actually gain traction even though it seems wildly extra. If you dream of going big, you have the follow-up to make your visions a reality. The word “impossible” has no place in your encyclopedia this week!

Your emotions may waver on Wednesday as the merry Mars in your platoon sector collides with the amplifier Pluto in your eighth house of seduction, fusion, and intimacy. Some of you may prefer a one-and-done connection or even a situation closet with one that you like to see here and there. While everything is fair between consenting adults, do not lead anyone further if you know you do not want anything serious now. You may think you can handle it, but your emotions will be dialed up during this Mars-Pluto transit, and you may be hit by a wave of jealousy, anger, or possession. You can also experience these feelings with a non-romantic partner. Pay attention to what is going on inside your psyche and tame these knee-jerk reactions. Attached? If you suspect something unpleasant, be slow to accuse, but quick to take on your detective’s chapel and get some evidence. For all you know, they’re planning a sweet surprise for you – but this suspicious behavior may cause them to rethink it all.

Surrender to the Christmas spirit – even if you had planned a “non-party”. With the Taurus Moon located in your big-hearted twelfth house, your generous nature is at the wheel. The best gift you can offer this year may not come with a red velvet bow. Let the spirit of forgiveness wash over you, the Gemini. Burying the ax with a loved one could free your soul!

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