Here are 15 of your favorite celebrity couples to reveal the secrets of their long-term marriage – E! Online


ABC News correspondent Roberts is not always on chit-chat. “I do not like the entrance,” she explained. You mean, like, ‘What are you going to do?’ I do not like everyone Favorite TV weathermanBut it’s a phone. For years he opposed his frequent phone calls. After talking, “Did a friend say, ‘Do you think he’ll feel comfortable when he hears your voice, because that’s all right in the world?’ “Then I’m it’s so sweet. I do not think so. If I mean something to him, he should mean something to me.”

Now she says, “I learned to breathe.” Sweetie, I still have something, but what are you doing? Talk to you later. I love you ‘This makes the world special to him. And I do not want to die for two minutes to be cute. “They celebrated their 25th anniversary in September.

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