History: Lakers championship rings


For the third year in a row, the Lakers chose the Masters of Design to design and manufacture the 2001-2002 NBA Championship Ring. Howard Kaplan and Bob Bourbeau, sports specialist with Masters of Design, led the team that created the rings. This year’s rings are not only symbols of excellent quality, but they are themselves a design with a lot of symbolism.

The ring is made of 14 Kt. yellow gold and weighs about 50 pennyweight, making it the heaviest ring the Lakers have ever presented. Around the ring are the words. “LAKERS WORLD CHAMPIONS.” The word Lakers is in the Lakers logo. At the bottom of the frame there are 8 brilliant cut diamonds weighing around .40Ct. total weight. The eight diamonds represent the 8 championships that the Lakers have won under Dr. Jerry Buss’s ownership. At the top of the frame there are 6 brilliant cut diamonds weighing approximately .30Ct. total weight. These represent the 6 other titles won by both the Los Angeles and Minneapolis Lakers.

At the top there are 61 round yellow diamonds weighing approx. 0.75 CT. total weight. These stones are set in yellow gold. The yellow diamonds represent one of the Lakers’ official colors. In the middle of the top is a 1.50Ct. real amethyst, which is frame set. The color of the amethyst represents purple, the other official color for the Lakers. Around this edge are the words “BACK BACK BACK”, which represent the three consecutive championships. There are also 3 trillion cut genuine white diamonds that weigh approximately .75Ct. total weight representing the three championships in a row and the triangle violation.

On one side of the ring is the recipient’s name, the NBA logo and for the players their number. All of these are cut into letters and numbers. On this page are also the regular season and playoff entries.

The other side of the ring contains the Lakers’ official logo. On this page there is also a microphone with the name CHICK on. This is a memorial to the legendary advertiser Chick Hearn, who died in the low season. On this page, the words “SLAM DUNK” are one of Chicks’ many sayings. Finally at the bottom of this page is the year 2002. The largest size ring is 16 1/2, the smallest 8 1/2.

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