Friday, April 23

Holly Madison Reveals Where She Stands With Kendra Wilkinson and Bridget Marquardt – E! Online

According to Holly, she had “boring basic sex” with Hugh. And when she looks back on her days in the Playboy Mansion, the 41-year-old author is grateful she never got pregnant.

“I knew it was because of him. I was healthy. He was just too old,” she shared. “When I had first gotten into that situation and something happened in my mind that first night I had sex where I felt like, ‘Ok I did that. I like breached my own boundaries and I wasn’t comfortable with it. Now I have to make this situation into something.’ I almost locked myself into this box.” 

After leaving the Playboy Mansion, Holly found herself in another high-profile relationship with Criss Angel. While the romance only lasted less than six months, she admitted it was “another love bombing relationship.”

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