Houston Rockets 126-128 Portland Trail Blazers – CJ McCollum’s 44 points give the Blazers extra time to win.


CJ McCollum digs three fingers in 6.9 seconds. The Portland Trail Blazers were left on Saturday before the turn of the short-range Houston missiles to a 128-126 overtime defense.

McCollum hit nine out of 16 three-pointers and added eight more Assians. In collaboration with Damian Lillard (32 points, nine), the Rockets’ James Harden was fired upon. Houston was given 126-125 shots in 15.3 seconds.

Hadin (44 points and 44 career points, including 44 points) was just 1.3 seconds past Robert Coventon. Trail Blazers sealed the victory.

Christian Wood combined with 31 points and 13 rebounds in his rocket debut, while newcomer Giuseppe Santick added 13 more points for Houston, who are without six players. Due to COVID-19 protocols:

Saturday Night NBA Result

Atlanta Hawks 122-112 Grizzlies in Nauvoo
Oklahoma City Lightning 109-107 Charlotte Hornets
Cleveland Issue 128-119 Detroit Pistons
Magic 130-120 Washington Wizards in Orlando
76ers 109-89 New York Knicks in Philadelphia
Indiana Pacers 125-106 Chicago Bulls
Paddy at the Toronto Raptors 114-119 San Antonio
Minnesota Timberwolves 116-111 Utah jazz music
Houston Rockets 126-128 Portland Trail Blazers
Suns 103-106 Sacramento Kings from Phoenix

Portland ran 17-2 in the third quarter from the first quarter. Free shooting with a Covington three-pointer from the first quarter; Derrick Jones Jr. And theft and transition from the three McCollum 3s.

During the third quarter, the rocket lost all nine of its three-point effort, but recovered 85-84 rounds in the final period.


Derrick Jones Jr. of Portland opposes the Rockets with the reverse slam dunk. It sits in the dark of night

McCollum and Lillard continued to push the rocket at 113-113 on a layup with only 33.9 seconds left.

Jusuf Nurkic missed two free throws with just 32 seconds left to set the stage for Lillard to win. But his shot went wrong and he wasted more time on the teams.

Damian Lillard scored 32 points for the Trail Blazers
Damian Lillard scored 32 points for the Trail Blazers

With several key players not available, the rocket unexpectedly needed production from a sharer

Sterling Brown scored eight first-quarter points for three three-point shots in the first quarter.

Brown helped Houston break the six-point deficit earlier. With six points and eight assists on record, Harden played the full 12 minutes in the opening quarter, and the Rockets took a 31-27 lead in second place.

By midway through the second quarter, all nine available rockets were available, and Houston rose to a 55-39 lead by sharing the load.

The Trail Blazers reduced the deficit to eight points by eight points before hitting half with a barrel of Houston.

Christian Wood in the Houston Rockets Movement
Christian Wood in the Houston Rockets Movement

Lillard and McCollum scored 34 points in the first half, for a total of 48 points from Wood, 15 points. 11 points from Tate 17 points from Harden 10 points, 10 people reached 68-58.

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