How dangerous is the new COVID-19 string?


The Government of Canada has released a new version of the new COVID-19 variant that transmits this public information and is more contagious.

The Government of Canada has a monitoring program to identify states and territories New COVID-19 variants in Canada, developed in the United Kingdom and South Africa:

Earlier reports suggested that these new strains were more contagious, but to date there was no evidence that they could cause a more severe disease or affect the effectiveness of the antibody response or vaccine. Further research is needed to confirm these findings. Canada and Global Medical; The public health and research communities are actively evaluating this mutation.

The Public Health Agency (PHAC) of the Canadian Microbiology Laboratory is conducting a follow-up study on the Canadian Genomics Database to monitor the states and territories and the outbreak of COVID-19 in Canada. Two ongoing species identified in the United Kingdom in Ontario have been identified through this ongoing national surveillance.

As the monitoring continues, it is hoped that similar cases of discrimination and other concerns can be found in Canada. In addition, the two cases did not go outside of Canada, so they had to comply with public health measures and restrict contact with others. It is important to reduce the spread of the virus and its diversity in the community. The best way to prevent infection with any type of COVID-19 is to follow public health measures.

To reduce the risk of importing viruses and their variants; Canada ahas has had travel and border restrictions since March 2020, including the presence of essential toxins. These precise quarantine plans are one of the most powerful in the world. Less than 2% of cases reported in Canada were outside Canada:

All travelers must submit their quarantine plan to the Quarantine Officer upon arrival in Canada. PHAC monitors quarantine and compliance for travelers and uses law enforcement officers to verify compliance within 14 days of quarantine. Those who do not meet the quarantine requirements could face up to $ 750,000 in prison or up to six months in prison.

On December 20, in response to concerns about the UK COVID-19 version, the Canadian government suspended all flights from the UK for 72 hours and later extended it to 11:59 pm on 6 January. During the last 14 days before leaving for a Canadian port, travelers were asked additional health check-up questions to determine if their trip included a country of concern.

All travelers will review their quarantine plan with the Quarantine Officer and request a quarantine at the Federal Quarantine Center if it is not appropriate. Travelers arriving in Canada before December 20 are advised to check their coverage period fully and report any mild symptoms and report them to their assessment centers and local assessment centers.

The Government of Canada continues to advise against the need to travel to other countries Be especially careful when traveling to the United Kingdom and South Africa: Limitations change quickly and travel can be disruptive due to the lack of alerts. If individuals choose to take a trip that does not require them to travel outside of Canada, they may be forced to stay outside of Canada more than expected.

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