How is the battle for the ‘COVID Rescue Bill’ going?


On December 21, the United States Senate passed the Disaster Relief Act. The highlight of the bill was the $ 600 payment to almost all Americans.

A day later, President Donald Trump appeared on television and called it “shame.”

He declared that Congress “should immediately eliminate waste and unnecessary items from this law and” raise the ridiculously low $ 600 to $ 2,000. “

He was so shocked that he had never said such a thing before.

So what will happen next? Will he veto the law on December 23 as he vetoed military spending?

As he often does, Trump happily turns into big misconceptions and then latched on getting a piece of reality. The bill passed on December 21 has always been referred to as the COVID relief bill, but it is not true.

It is indeed part of the Expenditure Bill, which submits the Senate Amendment to the HR 133 and the Sub-Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021.

It is part of its 5,593-page, $ 900 billion COVID-19 rescue law. The rest of the waves total $ 2.3 trillion and $ 1.4 trillion. As a reference, the federal budget for 2020 is $ 4.79 trillion.

A collection is not just a wallet. It contains important things; Bags mixed with government expenditures and very special interests – a regular feature of every US government action.

The battle for the COVID relief portion of the bill began near the end of a Democrat campaign in the lower house in July, as voted three months ago. The bill was then handed over to the Republican-controlled Senate, where the GOP demanded things that Democrats could not accept. Companies have demanded that their employees be protected from lawsuits against companies that are not well protected by the coronavirus.

Following the second wave of COVID-19 transmission, the aftermath of the bill continued. In early December, moderate Republicans in the lower house and some Democrats and members of the upper house emerged with a “compromise plan.” There were many genuine offers on both sides.

It has returned to normal in many ways. Because the bill was so large and passed so quickly, it was clear that Congressmen and those who voted against it had not actually read it. It is more than usual.

If you are unfamiliar with the history of each topic, you may want to consider this invoice. It is written so that you do not know whether it is high or low. Which is normal.

It’s a special turn in Santa’s bag. It sets the standard for medicine and safety for horse racing; It causes the illegal distribution of music and movies. Punish any Chinese official who allows the Dalai Lama to be elected The American Museum of Latin America and the Smithsonian American Museum of American History The Trump Wall on the US-Mexico border; Cambodia Nepal Myanmar, Ukraine Pakistan A new submarine for Israel and Jordan (up to the single most expensive); Eight submarine search aircraft; Such things can be big or small. Packing into mandatory laws is common.

The bill includes permits for government spending to continue working. Without legislation, it threatens the closure of another government.

The COVID relief section of the bill extends unemployment insurance benefits by 11 weeks and adds $ 300 per week. It includes wage protection (forgiving loans for businesses to keep people at work); Eviction restrictions and tenants; Child care; Education $ 600 for food stamps and most adults and their dependent children. What Trump calls a shame.

Democrats responded immediately to the pudding, and sought a unanimous amendment to increase Trump from $ 2,000 to $ 600. That’s the amount of money Democrats want to start with. They went to the lowest level to get it through the Republican Senate.

“Consensus” is an appropriately named legislation. Only the naysayer can block it. Go against Republican Trump, block it. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi immediately announced this week that she would submit the bill by a simple vote to amend the bill.

That would be a double whammy for Republicans. Such a vote would mean a refusal to provide more relief money to the American people, which is the Republican norm. But it costs about US $ 1,400. What’s worse is the words that I can spell I often mistype.

It is very difficult to say how far such an amendment would go. If so, Trump would then happily “win!” Will it be announced? Sign? Or will he move the goalpost?

Remember He has nothing to do with COVID relief in the bill. Of course. Because this is the omnibus spending bill. Most of the items he identified were included in his own budget proposal. If they remove it, will it be mollified or publish another list that you think is “wasteful and unnecessary”?

Trump has a veto in the bill, but it can be repealed by a two-thirds majority in both the upper and lower houses. With the consent of minority leader Chuck Schumer, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has announced plans to dissolve the Senate on December 29 for a vote to veto the president. That should have been easy, since it was originally passed 359-53 in the lower house and 92-6 in the upper house.

Trump simply can’t do anything. This creates a “pocket veto”. If he does nothing for 10 days and does not count Sundays, the bill becomes law if Congress continues. The 10-day period begins in early January, and the mandate of the former Congress ends on January 3.

However, under Article 20 of the Constitution, Congress can set another date for its postponement. He can keep going until January 4 or 5 or later. It will become a bill.

Another problem is that if the bill is not signed before December 28, the government will close it at a high cost.

What should we expect?

Trump loves to destroy the perfection of others. If he has another goal, it is to deceive himself.

For now, Trump will be leaving golf for another holiday yet through at least January 1, 2021. All costs paid by the state to his own building will be paid.

The photo of Melania walking happily to Air Force One as she leaves for Mar-a-Lago is enough to shake Donald’s hand.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Al Jazeera.

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