How much do people care about health workers?


An image showing on social media Example An employee of a health worker (PPE) fully equipped with personal protective equipment holds the patient’s bed on the water while he or she drowns.

It’s beautifully designed and I can clearly see how most healthcare professionals I know feel right now.

Before this picture appeared, the meme was on display Example A health worker wearing PPE shows off his superhero logo on his shirt as he unbuttons it. Before that, there was Remember Health workers in the United States hold up signs and say, “I just stayed with you for work. Stay at home for us.

Although I am a well-documented fan of the time, I have not shared any of these on my social media platforms. In my community, I have noticed that these notes get a lot of “likes” from health care workers or our loved ones. In other words, I’m not sure how much people care.

This question of care is facing me a lot today because I feel tired around me while I am busy in the emergency room of my hospital. This third and worst climb, as our country climbs the volatile COVID-19 positive mountain, fatigue is different.

The death toll from coronavirus is on the rise, and all of our systems are designed to provide the best possible public information. Health care workers have also dwindled as they seek to treat the sick and deal with the dead. But at the moment of national unity on the virus, the temporary lockout of my peers in the hope that it “will cause a bend” is a different concept.

This is due to concerns that the virus may be transmitted from sleepless nights to long hours at work under steam protection and repatriation to their families. Detailed plans To decontaminate yourself after work.

However, the use of N-95 has had a privilege and purpose, with photos shared on social media of tired faces showing facial scars and nasal congestion. Being at that moment in history and being able to take care of the required volume.

Now my colleagues are gone. For a few days or even in the dark of night, there will be no more applause.

Especially in recent months, half of the country’s population has lost loved ones. These diseases were once spread when neighbors or neighbors seem to care less about you.

Restrictions on the capacity and resources of hospitals are extremely dangerous and endangered throughout the United States, but every healthcare worker I know is suffering from significant mental illness due to the immaturity of our environment. In the face of all this, the pain of reconciling these two events.

Clearly, there are many ethnic and racial minorities I’m sick From close family members; From essential work or care; Unbalanced proportions Due to the impact, it is clear that a large proportion of our country no longer believes or cares about the gravity of this disease. In almost every conversation I have with my colleagues, the themes are the same: irritability, confusion, anger.

Every time I put on my mask at work, I was exposed to more hidden masks that the flu was slowly disappearing over the months, revealing the truths we now face. The mask that most people believe in science and public health expertise has disappeared. Our country has become more receptive to simple security measures and the veil of integration in our response has disappeared, and the veil that we would give priority to caring for the most vulnerable members of our society and other human beings has disappeared.

After all these masks have fallen off, you can see what is happening smoothly and uniquely. Shallow holes for the eyes; Something not very human.

Those who work in healthcare are not historically classical historians. But we do have records of the human body – their descendants; Families Injuries that endured; We can know the history of decisions or decisions. Someone records these details in our health record and that history is with us. What does your diet look like? How are you? Is your heart racing? We do not have a place today to document our question. What did you do when your fellow human beings were in trouble?

As they pass through the hands of the elderly, they will be remembered by health workers who are full of patients holding hands. Just read a collection of text links from lonely friends and family from your loved ones. And people who sweat all day under the PPE layer never touch their phones. At the end of the day, their social media accounts were seen taking photos of their friends and taking selfies on vacation, and their face masks were unknowingly pressed together.

Long-term memory of those outside our electronic health records stored. These are:

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