In 2020, Eric Yuan of Zoom became the richest man in the world when Covid quickly sent people a video.


Almost a year after the World Health Organization (WHO) discovered the coronavirus, Schools; Movie theaters; Gyms; It is still home to churches and restaurants. The social interactions that will take place in these areas by 2020 are far greater than video calls. And you can’t help but talk about your life Zoom in:

Zoom seems to come from nowhere. It was not backed up Cisco, Facebook, Google Or MicrosoftThese companies are trying to catch up with Zoom. A small company aiming to focus on adoption in large companies suddenly came upon her with thousands of people trying to service for free and new paying customers. Revenues quadrupled and profits increased by 90. It amazes analysts: With vaccinators: The stock market is higher. It has risen and easily easily topped the charts this year New Age And the Chinese Tesla Challenge Nio Available at over 450% profit.

This helped Zoom founder and CEO Eric Yuan. Previously, Cisco worked on Webex video calling software purchased in 2007. Yuan was a billionaire before Covid-19. Zoom taken public In April 2011, investors were impressed by the combination of rapid growth and profitability. He is now one of the 100 richest people in the world. Its Zoom shares are worth nearly $ 17 billion, according to FactSet.

“I am very happy for him,” said Rob Bernshteyn, chief executive of Coupa. “I’m really, really.” Cloud software helps companies track acquisitions. Bernshteyn knew Yuan for four to five years, and Coupa was a Zoom customer. The only thing that has changed with the use of Zoom in Coupa is that the company allows employees to create their own corporate Zoom accounts for private meetings.

“I use the word happy,” Bernshteyn said. “This platform wants to make you happy. That’s one of the things he said. This platform wants to make you happy. Heck, heck, I’m sure he’ll walk this path to the best of people. Connect.”

Coupa’s stock has risen 144% this year, not much to Zoom’s, but highlighting the new trend of 2020.

“As digitalization accelerates, we will want to be behind the companies that drive our world,” he said. It is an attempt to reflect the thinking of investors. The WisdomTree Cloud Computer FundAn exchange-trading fund Track an index Stakeholders: Cloud companies maintained by venture capital firm Bessemer have grown 119% this year.

Expansion is not always easy. In the spring, Zoom was also hit with the company after discovering it was finally receiving unprecedented demand. Concerns Security and safety of the software. Then came the questions of Zoom and Yuan’s Relations with China: Nancy Polosi, speaker of the lower house, broadcasts Zoom on Chinese television.

Respond by issuing yuan I will post On a corporate blog.

“I became an American citizen in July 2007.” I have lived happily in the United States since 1997. Zoom is a US-based company headquartered in California and has publicly traded on the Nasdaq. “

Zoom said that when the Chinese government draws attention to the meetings, Accounts of the 1989 protests in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square have been shut down. Missouri, a Republican senator representing Missouri, sent Yuan A letter His company seems to support censorship rather than free speech. “Are you trying to favor the Chinese Communist Party?” Hawley wrote.

Yuan told analysts in the first quarter of June about the company’s fiscal revenue, saying he was under intense pressure between rising consumption and negative PR systems. He said other CEOs had brought their support and advice.

A few weeks later, at the time of the acquisition, Webex chief Subrah Iyar and an early Zoom investor came to Yuan’s defense.

“I have known Eric since he arrived in the United States.” Video I posted it on my LinkedIn page. He is one of the most honest people I have ever met. He introduced our customers, employees and partners to the culture we strive to integrate with Webex.

It’s all worth the pressure. According to today Predicted by BloombergYuan is twice as much as co-founder and CEO Marc Benioff SellerSince 1999, it has been selling cloud software for companies to track customers. Earlier this month, on Salesforce Investor Day, Benioff praised Zoom for playing a role for vendors who could not meet sales staff.

B2B sales organizations do not seem to have a more important moment in history for sales organizations. Sales organizations are for those who do not know how to use Zoom. Those who do not know how to use Salesforce have experienced significant consequences this year.

Benioff has a long history of donations and donations to his company Funding provided To non-profit organizations. This year, Zoom made a charitable donation called Zoom Cares.

“The main long-term focus of this foundation is on education, climate change and social equality, but for organizations that were different during the Covid-19 period,” Yuan said. Announcement In July.

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