In a Christmas message banned by Covid, the pope called for the distribution of vaccines to countries.


Pope Francis October 14 Paul’s Hall of Fame in the Vatican, his weekly general audience.

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Pope Francis calls for ‘Covid 19’ vaccine available to all On Friday, denouncing nationalism and the “virus of extremist individuals”, business leaders said they should not prioritize market forces and copyright laws.

As a sign of modernity, Francis carried his traditional “Urbi et Orbi” (to the city and the world) message to tens of thousands before the Vatican. It was sent from a teacher in the Vatican, not from Balcaster’s balcony.

The message is influenced by the epidemic and its social and economic impact. Francis called for global unity and assistance for countries suffering from conflicts and humanitarian crises.

“In this history, it is even more important to recognize each other as brothers and sisters because of the ecological crisis and the worsening economic and social inequality caused by the coronavirus infection,” he said.

He emphasized that health was an international issue and seemed to be criticizing the so-called ‘vaccine nationalism’. Poor countries are concerned that UN officials could worsen the epidemic if they receive the latest vaccine.

“Everyone, heads of state, companies and international organizations should promote non-competitive cooperation and the solution for everyone – especially those most vulnerable and needy in all of the planet’s orbits,” he said.

“Only the most vulnerable and needy must be put first,” he said, adding that only about 50 Vatican staff wear masks on the walls of the Vatican’s Benedictions.

Extremely individual

“We cannot put ourselves in front of others and put market forces and copyright laws out of love for human health,” he said. Closed nationalism prevents us from living like a human family like us. Not available

In countries such as the United States, Francis was also criticized for refusing to wear a mask because of the widespread perception of their independence.

“We cannot be ignored by the virus of each extremist and the suffering of our other brothers and sisters,” he said.

Italians are closed all over the country for Christmas and New Year holidays. Due to restrictions, people could not travel to St. Peter’s Square or to bases for pope events.

Christmas is a time to help others. Because Jesus himself was born with a bad birth. Francis said two hours before Christmas. He was able to return home before the curfew was imposed at 10 a.m.

Bethlehem was generous in helping children, especially those with disabilities. Sick people Help the unemployed or women experiencing domestic violence as a result of the economic crisis. During these months of closure, “he said in a speech on Friday.

He is due to visit Syria in early March. Yemen Libya Nagoya Karaba akh; South Sudan Nigeria He called for peace and reconciliation in Cameroon and Iraq.

Burkina Fasso; Mali, Nigeria; He also called for comfort for those affected by the humanitarian crisis and natural disasters in the Philippines and Vietnam.

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