In a very different Christmas message, the discussion with Biden Covid was discussed and won


Democrat nominees Joe Biden and US President Donald Trump talk about the early results of the 2020 US presidential election. November 4 2020

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Joe Biden and President Donald Trump sent unusually different Christmas messages on Friday. Video The pain Covid-19 epidemic Trump is being judged and warned of “on our common humanity” while referring only to the faintest reference by Trump coronavirus

“This year, Jill and I wish you and your family peace, happiness, health and happiness, but this has been a very difficult year for many of you in our country,” Biden said in a video with his wife. “I remember the hope of this season, that we, the common people, ask for help from one another.”

Many Americans are struggling to find work; Put food on the table; Rent Mortgages; To take care of each other; To give as much as possible He hopes to help his friends and strangers as well.

He says he and Jill Biden have not seen a growing family this year. To comply with public health guidelines for infectious diseases.

“For Bidens, the pre-Christmas dinner is usually for 20 to 25 people, but not this year,” he said. We miss our family, but we need to keep it safe. This year, we hope you will consider family travel restrictions.

The Covid-19 killed nearly $ 330,000. And there are more than 18.7 million confirmed virus cases in the United States

Trump issued a special White House statement on the incident.

His only acknowledgment was that “our gatherings seem to be different from years ago.”

Instead, he sent himself and his first wife, Melania Trump, a “warm wish” from “Christmas to all Americans.”

Although our gatherings are different from years ago, this Christmas is an opportunity to celebrate the birthday of our Savior Jesus Christ, like every Christmas, and to show heartfelt gratitude for the many blessings God has given us in our lives. “And in this time of peace, we love the faith that enters our holiday resorts with joy, generosity, and faith. Just as the story of Christ’s birth inspires everyone, so does the love of our family and friends, and our hearts rejoice in the world,” said Trump.

Trump also offered his thanks to military families, first responders, law enforcement officials and his frontline medical professionals: “We work tirelessly to serve and protect our community.”

Adam Edelman is a reporter for NBC News.

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