Investigators are investigating more than 500 leaders in the Nashville bombings


The devastation is expected to continue until 2020. December 25 United States of America, Nice Roads near the site of the explosion in the Second and Commercial Area in Nichols.

Elliott Anderson via Reuters

Investigators have received more than 500 information about the Christmas morning bombing in Nashville.

The rule of law in the region is based on the Bureau of Investigation and Alcohol, which covers many of the city’s businesses. Tobacco It is cooperating with federal agencies, including the Bureau of Explosives.

“We are in the midst of this investigation and will continue to do so until we know what is going on,” said Don Don Cochran, a U.S. attorney for the Central American District. Of Tennessee.

Explosion in downtown New Delhi early Christmas morning Explosions of windows and communication networks: Authorities say the blast came from an RV parked on the road, which was believed to be intentional.

According to the FBIThe RV arrived in the area around 1 a.m. local time. The bomber struck shortly after 5:30 a.m. Prior to the blast, local residents were warned of smoke from the RV.

The FBI’s special envoy for the Memphis Field Office, Doug Korneski, said there was no continued bomb threat on Saturday. Korneski said investigators were still looking at many people when asked about reports that could identify a person interested in the case.

No one was killed in the blast, Metro Nashville Metropolitan Police Chief John Drake said. Police tried to examine the tissues found on the scene to determine if they were dead According to NBC News: Korneski said the tissue was still being investigated.

Nashville Mayor John Cooper issued a curfew in some downtown areas Sunday afternoon. Federal investigators temporarily suspended flights into the city on Friday as the investigation began.

Social media users have raised issues related to phone and internet services in Nashville since the blast. AT&T He spoke on Saturday morning Distribute travel cell websites It is located in the Riya for an effort to quickly restore coverage.

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