IOTA founder David Sønstebø bury his thoughts on the future in a complex blog


Most of the time. Sometimes TodayDavid Sønstebø, founder of IOTA, seeks to “calm all anxiety” about his mental state. [IOTA Foundation] Investors; Separate DLT project leaders; It hints at future plans for ecosystems in collaboration with communities and others.

Cointelegraph As mentioned earlier, on December 11, the board of the IOTA Foundation Sønstebø The “Unity” board removed him from office after a vote: Sønstebø started in 2017 as co-chair of the foundation.

Sønstebø’s blog post clarifies the uncertainty surrounding IOTA’s statement: Shocking His own position, however, is more than the answer. Questions will be raised.

He made it clear to the founder that he believed that the differences between him and the IOTA Foundation were not the result of my interests and the opposition of the organization, and that he described the character as “outright wrong, My people.

However, he later expressed a disagreement.[provided] It is an environment in which the IOTA Foundation Board can appoint past CEOs, including a dispute over the ownership of future IOTA ecosystem projects, including profits, including the removal of his internal movement from the board of the IOTA Foundation. As a service, IOTA smart contracts, Management of committees on Oracle-as-a-service and decentralized infrastructure. ”

Sønstebø said: “The board has taken lightly the IF’s financial considerations” and has begun to ensure that the cost of the IOTA ecosystem is “guaranteed to be a” constantly growing “runway and” to expand projects “. Sønstebø said he “denied” the board that he owned these projects and their potential future revenue streams.

“There you have it, my” different interests, “he said.

Sønstebø then spoke to several board members in person. Stop co-founding each other; Asked for a token and stopped dressing and attending a meeting to avoid attending meetings. Chess at any time

Details of my plans for IOTA will be available early next year. Don’t worry, IOTA is for members of the Foundation; Communities; We will continue to work with external partners. “This is not a dot at the end of the last sentence of the last chapter. It is just a comma.

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